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Precision Meets Innovation: iReal 3D's Quest for Excellence in 3D Technology

SCANTECH (HANGZHOU) CO., LTD. stands at the forefront of the global 3D technology industry, offering comprehensive solutions. Our expertise lies in the research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of 3D scanners and systems, underpinned by a rich legacy in both hardware and software innovation. Our portfolio encompasses two main categories: industrial-grade, high-precision 3D scanners, and cost-effective, professional 3D scanners. This includes a diverse array of products such as portable 3D scanners, tracking 3D scanners, industrial automated 3D systems, and professional color 3D scanners.

The iReal series marks a groundbreaking addition to our product lineup. These professional 3D scanners, introduced by SCANTECH (HANGZHOU) CO., LTD., aspire to lead in performance within their category. Leveraging advanced infrared light source technology, the iReal scanners are adept at capturing 3D data in a multitude of environments, whether scanning people or objects, in interior spaces or in open settings.

Introduced in July 2023, the iReal M3 dual-infrared laser 3D scanner exemplifies versatility and precision. It's engineered to be the quintessential 3D tool for engineers and designers, adeptly catering to an extensive array of design demands across various industries. Its applications are broad, spanning industrial design, the arts, medical innovation, and even the intricate process of digitizing human bodies.

Safe Light Source
The iReal M3 integrates two distinct infrared light sources—parallel lasers and structured light. Both technologies have successfully met the stringent safety criteria set by the (EU) EN 60825 laser product safety standard, qualifying as Class 1 Lasers. This classification ensures compliance with human-eye safety standards, making them safe for use. The utilization of invisible light technology in the scanning process significantly enhances user comfort, making the experience more user-friendly and agreeable.

Dual Laser Mode Drives Outstanding Performance

Pros of Infrared Parallel Laser Scanning
1.Quasi-industrial Accuracy: The iReal M3 utilizes marker alignment to enhance scanning precision, achieving an impressive accuracy of up to 0.1 mm. Its volumetric accuracy extends up to 0.25 mm/m, fulfilling the requirements for precise 3D data acquisition in quasi-industrial applications, such as CAD modeling and 3D printing designs.

2.Extremely High Resolution: Boasting a maximum resolution of up to 0.1 mm, the iReal M3 is proficient in reconstructing high-resolution geometric structures. It captures intricate details, particularly edges, with ease. This makes it exceptionally suitable for scanning objects larger than 5cm, handling a wide array of intricate scanning tasks effortlessly.
3.Strong Material Adaptability: The scanner exhibits remarkable adaptability to various materials. It's adept at 3D scanning of industrial components, automotive parts (both exteriors and interiors), even when they have black or reflective surfaces, showcasing its versatility across different scanning scenarios.
4.High Efficiency: With a scanning rate as high as 60 fps (frames per second), the iReal M3 significantly enhances the efficiency of the scanning process. This high frame rate ensures swift data capture, saving time and increasing productivity in various scanning projects.

Pros of Infrared VCSEL Structured Light Scanning
1.Marker-Free Convenience: For objects with continuous, non-repetitive, and rich geometric or textural features, the iReal M3 allows for direct scanning using geometry and feature alignment. This marker-free scanning and the one-button start significantly streamline the process, boosting efficiency in various on-site scenarios.
2.Hybrid Alignment Mode: In situations where objects lack sufficient geometric or textural features for standard scanning, the hybrid alignment mode comes into play. This mode combines marker and feature alignments. By simply placing a few markers on featureless parts, scans can be smoothly aligned, ensuring accuracy and ease of use.
3.Algorithmic Optimization on Human Body Scanning: The iReal 3D scanning software is specifically tailored and optimized for portrait and human body scanning. Not only does it support invisible and hair scanning, but its advanced algorithm and wide field of view also facilitate smoother alignment compared to similar products. Comprehensive and detailed full-body data can be captured swiftly, typically within just 3-5 minutes. Additionally, the software is enhanced with two major optimizations:
(1)Automatic Displacement Correction:
Utilizing a non-rigid surface fitting algorithm, the software can automatically compensate for data displacement caused by minor movements of the scanned subject. This significantly reduces the need for post-scan data correction.

(2)Effective Scanning in Dark Environments
The scanner is designed for user-friendly data acquisition, particularly beneficial for medical and artistic applications, ensuring quality scanning even in low-light conditions.

The iReal M3 stands out with its versatile scanning modes, adept at capturing 3D data for objects of varying sizes, materials, and environments. However, for those primarily focused on scanning medium-sized objects and digitizing human forms, the iReal 2E color 3D scanner might be a more cost-effective alternative. It utilizes a single light source mode employing infrared VCSEL structured light, adeptly meeting specific scanning needs at a more accessible price point.

iReal 3D Digital Solutions
iReal 3D is steadfast in its commitment to delivering more professional and comprehensive 3D digital solutions, catering to the diverse demands of various specialized industries. It supports a well-rounded range of third-party commercial software solutions across three primary applications: high-precision, real-color 3D data acquisition, reverse engineering design, and 3D inspection and evaluation analysis.

High-precision and Real-color 3D Solution: iReal 3D Mapping Software
The iReal 3D Mapping Software stands as a standalone, intelligent solution compatible with all 3D scanners. It excels in generating precise and life-like 3D models from scanned data and image sets. Key applications include the digitization of cultural artifacts or collections, creation of comprehensive 3D databases, and the production of digital assets for various domains such as gaming, full-color 3D printing, and more.
Reverse Engineering Design: Geomagic Design X, QUICKSURFACE, and Mesh2Surface
iReal 3D provides users with the flexibility to select the most suitable reverse engineering software (commercial versions). These powerful tools integrate history-based CAD with 3D scanning data (ASC 3D point cloud/STL triangle mesh) processing. This synergy allows for the reverse engineering of physical parts, transforming them into digital, parametric CAD models. These models can then be utilized for redesign or production machining, providing a detailed and professional evaluation of scanned data through intuitive analysis reports.

3D Inspection and Evaluation Analysis: GOM Inspect, GOM Inspect Pro, Geomagic Control X
For comprehensive 3D inspection and evaluation analysis, iReal 3D scanned data can be expertly processed using professional 3D measurement analysis software, including GOM Inspect, GOM Inspect Pro, and Geomagic Control X. These advanced platforms empower users to perform thorough evaluations of iReal 3D scanned data, skillfully meeting the everyday demands of 3D measurement analysis and inspection. By leveraging these tools, users can ensure precise, detailed assessments, enhancing the quality and reliability of their 3D scanning projects.
iReal 3D is dedicated to making 3D digital technology accessible to individuals and organizations alike. By focusing on the core technologies of 3D scanning and pioneering the development of advanced 3D algorithms, iReal 3D is at the forefront of shaping a more lifelike and immersive 3D virtual world. This commitment not only drives innovation in 3D technology but also fosters collaborative efforts to sculpt a future where realistic 3D virtual environments are the norm.

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