Rồng hổ Online – Hướng dẫn cách chơi rồng hổ từ A-Z

rồng hổ game is dominating the online casino platform in the Vietnamese market with great attraction, Because the rules of the game are very simple, there are only 3 bets DRAGON - TIGER - FIRE.

So what is Rong Tiger Online? This article Red Number Casino will explain all about dragon tiger game and guide how to play dragon tiger online from A-Z.

Nội dung chính
1. What game is Dragon Tiger Online?
2. How to play Dragon Tiger Basic
2.1. Dragon Tiger Online Game Rules:
2.2. Terms in Dragon Tiger Online:

3. Experience playing Dragon Tiger Online for newbies
3.1. Small bet when you first join
3.2. Observe the game history to bet the line
3.3. Do not bet on a Draw
3.4. Method to win close to the button
3.5. Look at the picture to catch the card
3.6. Three-sided bet method
3.7. Effective capital management
3.8. Choose a reputable bookie
4. Conclude

Rồng hổ Online là game gì?

Rồng hổ (Dragon Tiger) is a card game for real money, originating from Cambodia. Nowadays, most of the gamblers are very interested in playing dragon lake online rather than going to traditional casinos, because playing online dragon tiger card has a higher winning rate, saving costs, and also the table is also good. Just like in real life, there is a Dealer dealing cards, and players can interact with each other.

Dragon Tiger Online

Cách chơi Rồng Hổ cơ bản
When playing each hand, the player will be given two cards. Each player plays a card and then compares the big and small, but note that placing any door will compare the score with the other door.

Quy tắc trò chơi Rồng Hổ Online :
The game is made up of a sequence of poker cards from card K to card A, a deck of cards consisting of 4 moves and arranged from large to small. The largest card is K and the smallest is A. Each tray contains 8 decks of cards, when playing, will open the first card of the previous trays.

Players can bet arbitrarily: [Dragon],[Tiger], [Tie],[Black Dragon], [Red Dragon], [Black Tiger], [Red Tiger]... But with tie bets, when placing bets [Dragon], [Tiger] each side will lose half.

The first card will be the deciding point of the number of cards to be discarded, each game the player will have 17 seconds to place a bet and when the bet is complete, the dealer will discard a card and hand out cards in the order of handing the Dragon first. Tiger behind. When the dealer distributes cards, the two sides compare cards, if the bet is won, the system will rely on the ratio to settle. Players wait for the settlement to complete before proceeding to the next hand.

Note that when playing Dragon Tiger online, when playing to the 30th game or more, red and black bets will not be accepted. Besides, if you lose your bet often, don't be disappointed, but keep your mind calm and play calmly to master the game.

Thuật ngữ trong Rồng Hổ Online :
Dealer: The dealer
Dragon: of the dragon (red symbol on the betting table)
Tiger: of the Tiger (the blue sign on the betting table)
Tie: of a Tie (green sign on the betting table)

Kinh nghiệm chơi Rồng Hổ Online cho người mới
Dragon Tiger online is also a red and black game, but it is considered easy to win and the bonuses are very attractive. And here are some experiences of playing Dragon Tiger Online for newbies to be able to beat the online bookies, please refer.

Cược nhỏ khi mới tham gia
Những người mới chơi sẽ chưa có nhiều kinh nghiệm, do đó tham gia cược nhỏ giúp mất ít hơn. Hơn nữa, qua những ván cược nhỏ giúp các bạn học hỏi và tích lũy được nhiều kinh nghiệm để có chiến thuật đánh tốt hơn.

Observe the game history to bet the line
Dragon Tiger is also a very high repetition betting game. Usually will produce a Dragon wire, a Tiger wire. Therefore, you need to monitor the results of previous bets, if you are lucky to catch the wire, you will win big. If the results return different results, you should stop betting to observe and look for new strings.

Không nên đặt cược cửa Hòa
When you play a lot, you easily realize that the result is a Dragon door or a Tiger door. And then your odds of winning will be 50-50. And the excellent to the door is very little. If you bet on a Draw, you will win big, but if you lose, you will lose 50% of your bet, but the odds of losing are very high. Therefore, only place Dragon or Tiger, never place a tie.

Phương pháp thắng sát nút
This rule usually applies to a hand with 3 or more cards. Specifically, if the player is betting 3 Tiger cards, then from the 3rd card, it is very likely that the Dragon will win the Tiger close. For example: 4 wins 3, 8 wins 7 and a continuous line is possible. This rule should also apply to certain situations. But have faith in it because there have been many winners.

Nhìn hình bắt bài
This method requires you to observe 3-4 hands. Look closely at the cards that the dealer deals to each hand. Specifically, if the dealer deals J, Q, and K cards to the Tiger side and wins the Dragon hand, the player records the Dragon hand cards this round. In game 2, if the Tiger still wins the Dragon, this time the Tiger will still be dealt a Western card and win the Dragon. Then the next game you should bet on Tiger.

Phương pháp cược ba mặt
The three-sided bet method is applied as follows: In Game 1, the player bets on the Dragon door and wins, the next game the player will switch to placing the Tiger door. Continue to alternate for the next games. This is the method of applying the display color of today's red and black card games.

Quản lý vốn hiệu quả
Effective capital management helps players not to burn out in the early games. Experienced people will apply the following capital management methods:

Bet from 50-70% capital for a day of play.
Bet from 2-10% capital per day for a betting window.
Divide your winnings by 50-50 and put some in your daily bet.
Determine the amount of winnings per day, if the level is reached, then stop.

Lựa chọn nhà cái uy tín
Playing betting on online casino sites, choosing a reputable and quality bookie will help players feel more secure. In addition, reputable bookmakers often offer attractive bets with relatively high win rates. If you are looking for a bookie like the one above, then the Red Number House fully meets the above criteria. The Red Number Casino has many attractive offers for new players and long-time players. Register now for an account to participate in playing Dragon Tiger Online on Red Number Casino now.

Kết Luận
To play Dragon Tiger online is very simple, isn't it. The above article is some information on how to play dragon tiger from A-Z believe it can help you. Why not start trying a few games right away. Have fun playing the game and always be the winner.

Phan Thành Tú
My name is Phan Thanh Tu, a person with many years of experience in online betting. Having experienced many large and small bookmakers, reaping a large amount of money and drawing up many good betting methods.

I'm the owner of the website nhacaisodo.net with the purpose of sharing my experience with everyone on how to catch standard numbers and double-check 2 day frames..vv

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