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Remote Monitoring of Smart Greenhouses

The intelligent greenhouse control system can remotely monitor the air temperature and humidity, soil moisture temperature, carbon dioxide concentration, light intensity and video images inside the greenhouse in real time, and analyse them through models. Automatic control of greenhouse wet curtain fans, spray irrigation, internal and external shading, top and side windows, heating and light supplementation and other equipment.

At the same time, the system can also send real-time monitoring information and alarm information to the manager via mobile, computers and other information terminals, in order to achieve intelligent far into the greenhouse greenhouse management, give full play to the role of Internet of Things technology in the production of facility agriculture, to ensure that the environment in the greenhouse greenhouse is most suitable for crop growth, to achieve fine management, to create conditions for high yield, high quality, high efficiency, ecology and safety of crops, to help customers improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase revenue.

1.Greenhouse Environmental Monitoring
Intelligent remote management of greenhouses, through greenhouse environmental monitoring of the planting environment of air temperature and humidity, soil temperature and humidity, illumination, carbon dioxide concentration and other information collection, analysis of the collected data, according to the change of parameters to implement regulation or automatic control of temperature control systems, irrigation systems and other on-site production equipment, to ensure the best quality crop growth environment, to promote agricultural production.

2.Video Surveillance
Through the installation of a full range of high-definition cameras in the agricultural production area, real-time video monitoring of the growth of crops, the use of inputs and the condition of pests and diseases is carried out. This enables remote online monitoring of crop growth conditions by growers, remote online crop image information acquisition by agricultural experts, quality supervision, inspection and quarantine departments and the he plant also provides effective supervision and timely intervention of the production process by higher authorities, as well as IT management and the acquisition, backup and analysis of data and image information by personnel on site.

3.Intelligent Alert
By comparing the data collected by environmental sensors at monitoring points with the environmental data suitable for crop growth, the system automatically provides early warning alerts, including environmental warning and pest warning, when the environmental data monitored in real time exceeds the warning value, and provides corresponding early warning guidance measures to be pushed to mobile phones and large screen display devices.

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