Sectors of Career Scope of AI in India

The scope of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in India is still in the adoption stage but slowly it is being used to find smart solutions to modern problems in almost all the major sectors like Agriculture, Healthcare, Education Transport, Cyber Security, Banking, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Entertainment, etc. AI is a classic example of disruptive technology, as it has affected on we go on about doing our daily work.
Poddar International College, one of the best College in Jaipur provides best education in BCA and MCA along with other courses.
Artificial Intelligence can help increase the effectiveness of our instructors via numerous AI applications like text translation systems, real-time message to speech, automating mundane and also repeated jobs, such as taking presence, automating grading, customizing the discovering trip based upon ability, understanding and experience. The scope of AI at can evaluate unbiased solutions. The various other applications of AI in the area of education are real-time text to speech as well as text translation systems.
Poddar International College provides good exposure with industries and organizes many Workshops and Seminars to enhance their technical knowledge.
The Healthcare system in India is the most dynamic and challenging sector in India. There are many challenges like affordability, accessibility but particularly the shortage of doctors and services like qualified nurses, technicians, and infrastructure. In India, good healthcare facilities are mostly near the tier1 and tier2 cities which creates non-uniform accessibility to healthcare across the country with physical access. Having an AI-enabled system helps in reducing medical errors and increases productivity.
Poddar International College conducts an annual IT event ‘TechnoTrack’ where BCA and MCA students get an opportunity to displace their IT skills.
There is tremendous scope of Artificial Intelligence in the transportation sector as well. Particularly, there are a few areas where AI can be used. In the aircrafts, ships and spacecraft they have been using autopilot since 1922 to maintain the correct course. Besides, there are many companies across the globe and even in India that are researching autonomous cars or self-driving cars. The development of such vehicles is heavily reliant on AI and machine learning.
The Faculty of Mathematics at Poddar International College is simply outstanding and proficient. Besides, the students have bright prospects as they have good placements here.

Cyber Security
Cyber-security is another field where AI is employed. Many organizations deal with a significant amount of data. For example, in the Banking sector or government organizations which are having a huge database of people's personal data, there is always a risk of stealing, and hence, a security mechanism needs to be put in place. Cognitive Artificial Intelligence detects as well as analyses hazards, while also giving understandings to the analysts for making better-informed decisions.

Neeraj Sharma, a BCA student of Poddar International College, Jaipur identified a critical bug in Instagram, which was acknowledged by Instagram and he was listed 1st in India and 2nd in the world in the Facebook Hall of Fame along with prize money.
To be successful in any of the AI sectors, you must have the right skills and expertise in the domain.

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