The competition in the academic arena has become fierce. The kids are facing the brunt. The parents are under huge social pressure to ensure that their child performs better than their neighbors. The parent's expectations for top performance from the children is never-ending.
The parents are trying to find ways to help the children perform better by providing additional skill development opportunities. They are constantly searching for programs that could help the child in improving their love for academics and obtain higher grades.

Abacus is one such very popular after-school program. Several Abacus Classes are being operated by different Abacus Promoters. Abacus is a whole-brain development program. Abacus math training adds a lot of confidence in the children and increases their love for math and studies in general, which actually pushes them towards improving their overall grades.

The Abacus benefits are scientifically backed with proven results. The condition applied is the quality of training. Moreover, the parents too are certainly not ready to compromise on the quality of training.

The fact is that not all Abacus Classes provide the highest standards of Abacus Training.

The major reason for the poor quality of Abacus training at several centers is due to unavailability of efficient Abacus teachers. This is due to the unorganized training process of the smaller/local Abacus promoters. They lack uniformity in the training process, particularly the content and the certification process. The financial implications of the training is another reason.

A system that reduces the cost of training and also ensures high quality through its stringent certification methods will improve the training quality.
Abacus Promoters did go for online training for the teachers through available video conferencing apps, but it proved to be futile. The expected results were not achieved.

Mastermind Abacus introduced a live online Abacus training, teaching, and learning platform. This is a complete online system to train the teachers with parameters set to produce the highest results. The system has a pre-decided time frame, fixed learning material, a strict certification system involving tests, mock teaching sessions, etc. The training sessions being same for all, that is monitored by a certified Trainer the chances of human error too are negligible.

The training quality by Abacus teachers from Mastermind Abacus at their Abacus classes is of the highest standards. The results speak for themselves.

The online Abacus Learning platform with a live video conferencing window allows trainers to remain in touch with the student during the entire class duration. They can assign lessons and also ensure the student learns in the right way the finger movements in particular. The students can access these through their student's panel by using their id and password.

All the lessons of classwork, homework, and practice, are in the form of engaging math-based video games. The schedule for the classes is of 2 hours a day, once a week for 3 months for every level. The course is of are 8 levels. Mark sheets and certificates can be downloaded from their panel.

Mastermind Abacus has made a selection of quality easy for parents, be it in the city or in a remote location. They can now enroll their kids in Mastermind Abacus classes be it online or offline, and be rest assured of the world-class training.

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