Sphere III: Rage Of The Devastator Verification Download

Sphere III: Rage Of The Devastator Verification Download

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About This Game

Sphere 3: Rage of the Devastator is a brand new MMORPG created for the most hardcore players. Missed the unstoppable PVP-action with non-target system? This game surely will bring you all you want! Take part in epic sieges of huge castles. Use a wide arsenal of siege engines to achieve your goal. Do not focus on the only one strategy — you have thousands ways to be victorious!

Sphere 3: Rage of the Devastator has a strong classic fantasy storyline which currently consists of more than 1000 quests. It will take approximately 600 hours in total to make a complete journey through the story of political deceit, war atrocities and vile treachery.

Key features:

  • The world of total PvP: Battles and engagements between individual players, parties, clans, alliances and factions in different modes can occur on the most parts of the game map, sometimes with no exception for stating areas.
  • Non-target, no compromises: Sphere 3 combat system provides total freedom of aiming, dynamically calculates the damage and allows a player to quickly pick an optimum attacking ability at a given range with its unique color telltale crosshair.
  • Performance for the masses: Moderate system requirements make Sphere 3 a perfect place for mass PvP action.
  • A thrilling story-driven adventure: The game’s storyline comprises more than 1000 quests moving through which a player makes up to 80% of levelling progress.
  • Epic, exciting and challenging castle sieges: Conquering a castle is impossible without using an arsenal of siege weapon and demands a whole list of objectives to be completed by attacker (capture the flag points, wipe out NPC defenders, breach the gates etc.).
  • It’s all about castles: Owning a castle is a headache of micromanagement, defensive upgrading and constant state of alarm which pays off in the end by anopportunity to get some of the best items available in the entirety of the game.
  • Unforgiving yet fair PK (Player Kill) and Karma system: PK is not persecuted in numerous free PvP zones, while gathering bad karma points causes an offender to lose both gold and items after death.
  • Well-balanced PvP team: Characters of 9 different classes with their own unique strengths and weaknesses combined in the way to functionally complement each other on the field of battle.
  • Diverse PvE entertainment: Dungeons, world bosses, global cooperative missions on the enemy territory etc.

Title: Sphere III: Rage of the Devastator
Genre: Action, Free to Play, Massively Multiplayer, RPG
Release Date: 18 Aug, 2015


  • OS: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7,8,8.1 (32 or 64-bit)
  • Processor: Dual core more than 2 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Shader 3.0 support Geforce 6600, Radeon X1600, 256 Mb RAM and DirectX 9.0c support
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 6 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX support


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Hotfixes during maintenance 23.12.2015:

During today's technical work scheduled maintenance and reboot the game servers was performed and the following changes were applied:

  • Minimal distance of the fog was reduces to 75 meters (to improve performance on slower computers);

  • After death on the other faction’s territory your character will resurrect only in the high level locations;

  • Christmas event – Snowy Fairytale has started;

  • High level guards were placed alongside the roads in the low level (below 15) locations;

  • Now the icons of the items in the inventory and the character window should display correctly;

  • The tooltip that shows what you point your cursor at (appears in the lower right corner), now disappears correctly;

  • Incorrect display of the dialogs with some NPC in the castles was fixed;

  • Size of the “Assassin” boss mob was returned to the initial value;

  • The bug which caused the characters to resurrect in a nearby location, though they had the right to resurrect in the current location, was successfully fixed;

  • Server performance was optimized;

  • Character’s level cap was increased from 40 to 45;

  • New items were added;

  • New territory was added;

  • New castle was added;

  • New dungeon was added;

  • Teleports to the new location can be found near the taverns in the Bristle fields location (Glowing stone with carved runes);

  • New waves of monsters of levels 41-45 were added to the Arena;

  • Olannor battlefield is now available to the players of level 20-45;

  • On the Olannor battlefield the preparation time after setting the minimal group of players was increased to 1 minute;

  • Castle monsters during the siege now can uncheck the flag and resurrect even after the gates were broken.

Thanks for helping us make Sphere 3 better and more interesting for all the players!

If you have found any new bug or error after the maintenance, please leave your message in the commentary.

Good luck in the game!. Welcome to our new server, “Immertel”!:
Heroes of Sphere! We’re glad to welcome you to Immertel, our new PvP server.

What are the advantages of playing in a new world? It’s a unique opportunity to turn over a new leaf and to fight for supremacy with other warriors on completely equal terms!

Both new recruits and experienced veterans can start their journey to the world of Sphere from the very beginning, defeating monsters, creating clans and competing for the top place in the rankings!

Be the first on the server to reach level cap with your character and obtain the best equipment. Forge powerful alliances and establish dominance on the battlefield! Capture the world’s ancient castles held by the most powerful of monsters.

Take note of the unique events that will take place on the new server in the nearest future. Participate to win valuable prizes!

We wish good luck and many heroic victories to all the brave souls who decide to make a fresh start in this new pristine land!. Daily tasks are already in the game!:
Great news for the denizens of the Sphere!

You often mentioned that some items in the game were difficult to obtain without investment. We heard you: now you can easily obtain valuable items from the game store by performing in-game challenges!

Sphere 3 now features tasks – special activities that become available to characters after they reach level 25.

You can find them by clicking the “Events” symbol in the top right corner of the screen. You will see a list of tasks that your character can complete today.

There are 3 types of tasks: easy, medium and hard ones. Easy and medium tasks are available daily, but hard tasks only become available after you complete 10 daily ones.

If you are not happy with your tasks, you may swap one of them with a new random task of the same difficulty once per day.

Completing these tasks will reward you with special in-game currency, Coins of the Free Marches.

Look for Free Marches quartermasters in both faction capitals and large settlements of the Sphere. They seek to restore peace on the continent and offer their wares to persistent and crafty heroes. Coins of the Free Marches can be spent to purchase valuable goods previously available only from the in-game store.

Note that the quartermasters replenish their stocks after every purchase, so choose carefully.

Visit the game to see what challenges are available today!. PvP arena is already here!:
Champions of the Sphere!

It is time to prove your valor and demonstrate your combat skills! We're introducing PvP-arena into the game!

Your character will be able to fight in the arena as soon as they reach level 10, allowing them to challenge other heroes both in duels and team fights. 4 different arena formats are currently available: 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, 5 vs 5. If you queue as a group, you will fight as a single team.

The rules allow you to queue for several different formats at once— in this case you will fight in whichever battle becomes available first as your opponents sign up for the battle.

Every arena battle will give you experience and challenger points. Acquiring enough challenger points will give you a reward— a special box containing three things: a weapon, a piece of armor and an accessory for your current level.

You can also join ranking arena battles:

Opponents for ranking arena battles will be matched depending on the average arena rating of their team members.
The reward for winning the ranked fight will be higher than for the regular one.
The results of an arena battle will change your character's personal rating. The players with high personal rating at the end of the season will receive additional rewards.

But enough talk, it's time to battle! Open the challenges window, choose the arena tab, select a format and press the “Queue” button. You will be automatically transported into the arena as soon as your allies and opponents declare themselves ready for battle.

Wait for the arena gates to open, fight bravely and challenge your destiny!. Get your reward as a true Defender!:

Russian Defender’s Day is coming, and It’s time for all of Sphere Defenders to prove their valor and loyalty to their race again!

A conflict between humans and demons is taking place in Bristle fields now. You can find Recruiters in you race’s towns and villages. Talk to them and they will teleport you to the fighting zone.

Heroes who have level 20 and more can get daily quests there. During these quest they should kill enemy’s officers or defend their own ones. For each successful quest they will obtain a special reward box.

For the youngest Sphere 3 players from level 10 to level 19 there’s also a mission: you will have to deliver the provisions and get your reward.

Have fun and good luck in the battle!. Attack of the Ghosts!:

Trick or treat?

Halloween is coming and it means that all kinds of scum is already leaving tombs and lairs. World of Sphere 3 is under attack of ghosts. You need to find out who they are and where did they come from. Welcome to the Halloween event at Sphere 3!

There has appeared a Strange Girl in a capital of each faction. She will help you to start an exiting chain of quests that will help you to gain great in game prizes. In a process you’ll fight the ghosts, solve the mysteries of the world, gather various ingredients for the spell, play the game “Candy or life!” and a lot of other things.

Happy Halloween!. Rage of the Devastator is here!:
Dear friends!

The world is changing fast, and so does Sphere! The update “Sphere 3: Rage of the Devastator” is finally out!

So what’s waiting for you in the game? Check it on the official Sphere 3 website!. Результаты техничсеких работ:
Сегодня в ходе технических работ была произведена плановая перезагрузка и техобслуживание игровых серверов.

• Исправлено отображение карты на полях брани.
• Исправлено проваливание под землю на полях брани при использовании "Натиска" Паладина и подобных атакующих способностей.

Если после технических работ вы обнаружили какую-либо новую ошибку, пожалуйста, опишите ее в комментарии.

Желаем вам приятной игры!

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