Tax Relief: Understanding the Fresh Start Initiative and Other Financial Freedom Services

Taxpayers can get tax relief through several government-sanctioned programs, which they can use to pay down their tax debt.

Commonly referred to as the "Fresh Start Initiative" or the "Fresh Start Programme," these tax relief programs protect individuals from the IRS's and state revenue agencies' relentless collection procedures. With wage garnishment, bank account
seizures, liens on property, and steep interest and penalty charges on
outstanding debt, the Internal Revenue Service can utilize its exclusive
collection rights to compel taxpayers to pay the maximum amount due on a tax

Unless you break the rules of your settlement agreement, the IRS cannot pursue collection actions against you if you are qualified for tax relief services.

When Can I Apply for Tax Relief?

Services that alleviate tax burdens are available to taxpayers dealing with personal and business tax problems.

Proof of severe financial hardship would be helpful to have your tax liability reduced or even eliminated. When determining a taxpayer's eligibility for assistance programs, the IRS takes into account several important factors, including:

Where the Taxpayer Lives?

Expenses that provide a tax benefit

Things that are out of your hands

The burden of proof for proving severe financial hardship is on taxpayers seeking tax relief. Hiring a tax relief firm that specializes in submitting hardship claims to the IRS is something that many taxpayers find beneficial.

Extra Services Offered by Tax Deferral Agencies

In addition to reducing clients' tax burdens, many tax relief services provide various other tax services to individuals and small businesses thanks to their employees' extensive knowledge and experience.

You can develop a rapport with the firm offering your tax relief assistance when you work with a tax relief company that offers these additional tax relief services. Joining forces with us will get you out of IRS debt and back in compliance with the law for good.

Tax preparation services:

Tax return preparation services take care of everything involved in submitting a return. Utilizing one of these tax relief services can help you save time and money when you are getting ready to file your federal and state taxes and payroll taxes.

Tax preparation services, not just your return, can handle all your accounting and bookkeeping requirements.

Overdue tax returns:

The Internal Revenue Service imposes heavy fines for late tax filing. If you need help preparing your taxes or filing any back taxes that you may have, the best tax relief firms can help you do both.

Fighting back against a tax audit

An IRS audit will put anybody or any business through emotional and mental strain. As part of the audit process, you must be present at meetings, provide an explanation of your tax return, and be financially prepared to deal with any issues that may emerge.

An audit can be a real pain unless you have a dedicated audit defence team on your side. Your defence team has vast tax knowledge and expertise; let them handle dealings with the IRS. You'll save a lot of time and effort.


If you have been seeking information about whether or not you are eligible for tax relief services, you have found the correct place. They offer free tax consultations before accepting you as a client to determine if you qualify for
the IRS Fresh Start Programme.

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