1. Does it fit your present needs? : Why, and how do you feel it fits your current needs? Is the mix of schools, area, affordability, and the specific features of the house, its qualities and flaws make sense, for you? How many bedrooms do you think you'll need, and do you want? Are you looking at the property, as a starter or home for a more extended period? Do you feel comfortable or happily relocate right away or, what do you want to immediately do? What are the bones - of - the home? It is often advisable to explore the blockand in the local location, to decide if you'd prefer living there?

2. Can you afford the down-payment, and Closing Costs? : Lending institutions use several factors to assess the likelihood of you being eligible for a mortgageand in what amount! However, it's also important that you feel comfortable with, and your preparedness for possible risks, for instance! Beware! This is vital for you to be aware in the beginning, but it is far from the only information you'll require, is to determine, whether, it's the best choice for you!

3. meets the foreseeable future requirements The house is in good condition, unless you are only buying this home just for the short-term, it is prudent to determine, whether, the house and other components is in line with, and hopefully will meet future requirements as well as your needs and priorities!

4. Can you comfortably, afford monthly payments, etc? For the majority of buyers, mortgages are a necessity to purchase! Be sure you're at ease with your monthly payments, and installments comprising mortgage interest and principal and real estate taxes utilities; insurance; reserve for repairs; reserve for renovations and upgrades; etc!

5. Do you like this locationor the neighborhood? : What are you looking forin a particular area, and is this specific house, in such an area? Look at factors such as: safety; schools and education or neighbors; amenities; and everything else that might be important to your needs at - present, and in the future!

6. Consider your personal comfort zone? Everyone of us has different comfort zones and it's crucial to decide if the specific property, is compatible with yours, for instance!

These six factors arejust a handful factors for potential buyers, to consider, before buying what, to the majority, is their one most important financial asset! Make sure you're taking the right steps to ensure that the home your search for to realize the American Dream, does not end up becoming a personal nightmare!

Recently, I was contacted to speak to my dear friend and co-author

of our most-sold book in Singapore called Get Rich Now of our best-selling book in Singapore titled Get Rich Now: 15

Strategies from a Self-made Millionaire Professor Dennis Wee. (Dr Wee is one of

Singapore's most popular entrepreneurs. Even though he hasn't completed his

college education. He was able to establish and begin building his own real

estate company, Dennis Wee Group, to become one of Singapore's most renowned real estate

estate businesses that produced S$3.8 billion worth of revenue in.)

I was asked by him to share some marketing secrets with his real estate

agents, and agents. I was very happy for the opportunity because I'm sure there's plenty

More that agents can do to position, brand and market their services.

Unfortunately, the majority of agents either in real estate or financial services

(insurance) or any other sector, tends to look at themselves as

salesperson. The way they view themselves will limit their growth as well as income!

In their minds, they think they're mere salespeople, they fail understand the

potential for advancing their careers into full-fledged businesses. There are

Many more benefits to individuals who can think big and create a massive business

As opposed to just being there, and making a living. Donald Trump said: "If

You'll be thinking maybe you ought to consider thinking large." But it's not.

A different topic for a future session.

Here, I'm going to provide you with specific examples of how an agent can

identify himself with a basic branding and positioning

strategies I've employed alongside other clients to incredible results.

Many people think that being an agent in any field is like being

a salesperson. Someone who competes with everyone else

thousands of salespeople within the business. In some ways it's true.

Others are looking for similar bargains as you. It

is about who will win the deal first. So they are relentlessly going

on the horizon to a cold winter.

However, I am not a fan of cold prospecting. For me cold prospecting seems like a waste of time.

such as banging your head on the wall, hoping it will fall away before you

It starts to leak... the majority of people are extremely disappointed. Why do

Do you think new agents don't stay around for very long? I'm convinced it's because

they realized that their heads cannot be put against the wall.

But there are ways you can make the table turn. In my speeches, I like to get questions

your audience: Wouldn't you prefer to be a hard worker to find potential customers, OR

would you prefer to let your prospects find for you?

The answer is obvious.

However, more than having less work and more leisure time, there are

more profound psychological benefits to having your prospects know that you are there

out instead of in the cold, you are better off cold-prospecting them. Simply put, if you have a desire, you should seek

Anyone you meet, you'll be open to the person's ideas, advice, expertise.

That is the reason you should seek out the expert to begin with--to find an qualified


It won't be as a wall of resistance you've grown used to

it's a cold chance. Indeed, now it's these people who jump over hoops to

seek you out for yourself in your own domain. Man, it's always exciting to talk about


Trust me when I say that it's an entirely new way of thinking. Imagine being a celeb.

It's been a while since the crisis began and people are doing their best to get in touch

with with. Consider stars from reality shows like Survivor and American

Idol... It's so powerful!

So how do you accomplish this?

Let's examine a common scenario:

You have probably have received your mail day after day only to

Find it packed with stacks of flyers from different real estate agents. Just

Have a look. You'll see that all of them claim to be the

"specialist" in the area. If everyone is a specialist, then what is the definition of a

What is the difference between who you call? Absolutely NOT!

"But I'm different from everyone else. I'm more experienced in the field, quality,

etc..." you protest.

Let me make it clear. No matter what you are or what you

background is. If prospects don't understand this immediately, you are just

like everybody else. Whatever you consider yourself to be.

Remind me that if you are like every-body else that you're not, you're a nobody.

Remember It's all about their perception, not yours.

Instead of becoming just another specialist in your area, be different. So far

I've never encountered an agent who claims to be the

Specialist to assist "first-time home buyers". Think that's effective?


First-time home buyers are inexperienced. They don't know where to start.

expect, what the whole buying process will take, and how long does it take

How long, what possible hiccups could occur, and so on. They are in a spot that is

They don't have any idea of what they do not know. Do you think that they are different ideas?

concerns/needs as compared to people who have bought a house earlier? Of

course! If you're able build their trust, do you think they'll consider looking

for someone else?

The point is this: You have the facts that first-time buyers

you are looking for (in truth, all real estate agents should be aware of these

information). By letting them know that you're an expert to guide them

The process of completing the process with confidence, will at its own, get you an unfinished


It is possible that you will need to make minor changes regarding the way you perform things.

such as explaining the buying process more in depth, reviewing the

the nitty-gritty details don't typically need to share with experts.

buyers, etc. But all these will help to strengthen your position and

marketing as an expert to assist new buyers. When your branding is complete,

If the book is released, you'll be busy with a myriad of options for referrals to other first-time

buyers. Are the markets for first-time buyers massive enough for you?

Once you've created your branding, it is easy to market your

services. It is easy to get the press coverage that used be unattainable

for to. If you're a journalist and want to know your thoughts on how first-time buyers are treated, we've got the answer

Think about a new home policy, which people should they seek out? They will

Interview experts (you). Then, following your appearance in the media, you'll have

gained more credibility. Are you able to imagine the way this can be a catalyst for

What are your earnings?

The process begins with the creation of an effective positioning, branding

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