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Nano Nickel Powder healthcare Audience, Geographies, and Key Players 2021-2027

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This report contains market size and forecasts of Nano Nickel Powder in global, including the following market information:

Global Nano Nickel Powder Market Revenue, 2016-2021, 2022-2027, ($ millions)

Global Nano Nickel Powder Market Sales, 2016-2021, 2022-2027, (Ton)

Global top five Nano Nickel Powder companies in 2020 (%)

Global Nano Nickel Powder Market, By Application, 2016-2021, 2022-2027 ($ Millions) & (Ton)

Global Nano Nickel Powder Market Segment…


The latest trends of Grofers App Development

Groceries are the essential part of everyone’s life as it serves the most essential part of survival: food. Doesn’t matter where or how a person lives, everyone needs to get their kitchen stacked up with the food item of their choice. This is the reason why starting a grocery store always turns out to be a hit. It is one industry that stays always on demand.
This ever-growing industry has been trying to make the shopping experience more pleasant and at ease by the introduction of grocery delivery apps like Grofers. These apps have gained huge popularity among the population as it made shopping much easier and more grocery store owners are getting profited as well.
After the global pandemic hits every country, there have been certain norms formulated that need to be followed by the grocery shop owners and the customers as well. Considering the seriousness of the situation even WHO set up a few protocols that needs to be followed all around the world. This is where grocery delivery apps come to the save, it basically eliminates the need for customers to come to the store and come in contact with other people.
Turnkeytown presents an on-demand grocery delivery script which offers the customers to order their groceries online through the app and get it delivered by a delivery personnel.
Latest trends in grocery delivery script
The online shopping industry is constantly working its way off to integrate some fresh and innovative concepts that change the entire delivery tradition. There has been a reported increase in gas pollution due to the release of toxic substances from the cars and bikes. Likewise there are many problems to be addressed which demands new solutions. Let us look at some of them.
Target audience
Every app business runners have a set of teams that brainstorm ideas to look out for our target audience. This is a very essential approach because the app needs to reach a certain set of members who will become the future customers of the app. Studies show that millennials and the Gen Z are the generation that spends most of the time in online shopping and prefer to get their food or groceries delivered home rather than going to the place to get. So it shows that they are the target audience to whom the app should be marketed. This can be done by posting advertisements and other promotional content in the social media website.
New delivery ways
53% of Americans abandon the Grofers App Development because of poor service like delay in getting delivered etc. and 55% of the population prefers a much easier delivery system. So constant research has been going on to find ideal ways to satisfy a customer. There has been new ways to reach the customer with the products they ordered for. Let us look at a few of them.
· Order through social media- this is one feature that will become more famous among the youth population. The customers must have to send their grocery items to the social media page or through messaging apps like whatsapp and get it delivered to their homes.
· Order through virtual assistant- many grocery delivery apps have integrated with the virtual assistants like Alexa, a chat bot in which one can send their grocery details and then get it delivered by the delivery person.
· Order through smartwatches and smart tv- apple has launched a smartwatch and smart TV version of grocery delivery app that lets users to simply use the watch and TV to view the list of items and place the order.
· Order with the eyes- a novel method of ordering is introduced in which the customer has to stare at the items to be ordered and by the pupil movement detection, the order gets initiated.
Mode of delivery
Due to the increased demand in the order delivery business, the number of vehicles have also increased which leads to increase in traffic, environment pollution etc. to combat the situation many new solutions have been introduced and they are:
• Robots- this is one efficient method to deliver the groceries. Robots are AI powered machines which run on battery. So it delivers the items to the location accurately and there is minimization of pollution
• Drones- this is one futuristic way of delivering groceries. Drones fly in the air carrying the bag of ordered groceries. This greatly reduces the traffic in the roads and the pollution as well.
Virtual reality
Augmented reality or virtual reality is the attractive medium to gather more customers. Many app filters and other advertisement campaigns have been made in social media to turn the heads of the customers. The food delivery apps joined hands with the Facebook app and released new filter features where foods just float on the screen. Also some video games have been released where the users have to pick up the groceries in the game and win some points.
Also, assisting screens have been set up at certain stores in America where the customer picks their items by scrolling on the screen and selecting it and then meet at the checkout point for payment and collect the selected product instantly. This reduces the running up and down the aisle and getting in contact with other humans.
Big data
Big data has entered the delivery market which is used to make the system as efficient as possible. Many parameter data are collected and analysed to see how it affects the timely delivery of the groceries. These data will estimate the accurate delivery time of the bag of groceries.
Some of the parameters are
• Road traffic
• Impact of climate on the food items
• Number of items in the cart
Online grocery delivery app has played a major role during the pandemic times. People made the fullest use of it that 53% of the Americans switched to online grocery shopping as they preferred to stay indoors safely than going to the store. Turnkeytown has developed a Grofers clone app to help effectively during the covid times.

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