The money of the heaven and earth bank used for sacrifice, will there be inflation?

The money of the heaven and earth bank used for sacrifice, will there be inflation?

First of all, hell bank note or or yellow paper, the cost is extremely low, usually is tens of billions of hundreds of billions of trillions, then if the real hell, then his prices will be what the situation? Ferrari and so on will not the capital billion level?

Now they are not circulating these, with or round square hole of the yellow paper burned or yuan treasure. Burning fake money is useless. The conditions there are much tougher than here, with fake money can not spend, but also easy to get into trouble.

In fact, not, the population there is so large that you can not imagine. Generally burn paper is also burned to the above three generations, your great-great-great-grandfather's generation also need to spend money, ah, no one burned to them can only use the money you burned to grandparents. Overall, it seems that the population and economic growth is rising at the same time, benign inflation.

There are two hell bank note:

100/300/500Pcs Ancestor Money,Hell Notes,QIANSION Memorial Services

100/300/500Pcs Ancestor Money Traditional Chinese Joss Paper Money for The Qingming Festival Burning Paper Sacrifice Articles Sets

Product Description:

Material: Ancestor Money is made of high-quality paper, both sides are smooth, colorful, and high-quality.

Dimensions: 6×2.8 inches (15×7 cm). Burning money to your ancestors, you can take better care of your ancestors! Chinese joss sticks are used as a victim of ancestors to pray for prosperity and good luck. This is also a way to express love and sustenance to your loved ones

A large bundle of 100 sheets of paper, good paper, completely burned, very easy to burn completely. Sometimes the ashes and smoke slowly fly up, which means that your ancestor responded to you and he received your blessings and prayers.

The denomination is 10000000000000000. These ancestors’ banknotes are engraved with the image of the Jade Emperor, who is a Taoist Catholic church. Control all the hells and things in heaven.

[Use Day]

Funeral, Ching Ming Festival/Ching Ming Festival: (April 5), All Souls Day, Hungry Ghost Festival: New Year’s Day July 15, New Year’s Day birthday, the first and fifteenth of each month. The day you dreamed of them. The day you miss them. Your ancestors’ money expel paper money and burn your ancestors so that she can live a better life with all ancestors.

[Meaning]-The Chinese believe that the donations of ancestors are conveyed to the spiritual world. The ancestor’s credit cards and money are money used in another world. Burn more ancestor paper for your ancestors so that they have enough money to spend without hard work. This is also a way to miss them and pay tribute to the dead. And strengthen the connection with your ancestors and bring good luck.


Please note: China Jos banknotes are not legal tender issued by any bank or government agency and have no cash value. Ancestral money is also known as Jos banknotes, ghost money, spirit money, hell banknotes, heaven banknotes, etc. It is a tool that allows us to take care of our ancestors, and in return, it brings you good luck.

Product Size:


product weight:


%3C/a"">" target="_blank"">€50000 EURO Ancestor Money,...


€50000 EUR Joss Paper Money Ancestor Heaven Banknote Bill Festival Day Birthday Gifts Ghost


15x7cm (about 6x3inch)

How many pieces comes in the small bundle?

80 sheets in a stack

These are the ”Hell Bank Notes” traditionally used to provide family members with money and material goods in the afterlife. Use: Festival as Tomb-sweeping day: April 5th/Ghost festival: July 15,New Year, the first and fifteenth of each month. Used this to send money to your Ancestor so she have a better life with all the ancestors.

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