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Top 6 Advantages of Getting Dental Inserts to Supplant Missing Teeth

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The most complete guide to burning ancestor paper,How to properly burn joss paper?

The most complete guide to burning heaven bank note,How to properly burn joss paper?

It is said that in ancient times there was a scholar named Xin Xiaotang. His family was so poor that he could not even afford a coffin after his mother's death, so he had to park the body at home. Once, a good friend asked him why he didn't bury his mother's body, and he was too embarrassed to say that it was because he couldn't afford to bury his mother, so he said, "My mother is my only relative, we have been living together for decades, and now that she has died, but I really can't let her go, I want to keep her at home, stay with her for a few more days and do my filial duty." His best friend thought he had a point, and he was indeed a filial son.

After the story spread, people followed suit, and after the death of a loved one, they tried to stop the body at home for as long as possible, the longer it took to show filial piety.

One day, the magistrate's mother died, when the weather is hot, it is not appropriate to put at home, not to put a period of time, but also afraid that his men say he is not filial, thought about it, they want to put the mother's body into the couch temple to let the monk guard, often go to see the same filial piety.

So he carried the body into the temple, and said to the host, "The old lady believed in Buddhism all her life, so it would be better to carry it to the temple." The old monk was busy with Buddhist affairs, no time to look after the corpse, so the task was given to the young monk. Little monk with the dead is really scared, two days later, the dead body emitted stench smoked him really can not stand, pulled a few straw in the room burned to dilute some of the stench. Straw burned, the sky is not yet light, the young monk and find some yellow paper and then burn.

When it was dawn, the master accompanied by the magistrate came and asked him what he was doing burning paper. The young monk was so frightened that he could not speak, and the old monk said, "Master, this is not burning paper, it is to send money to the old lady to the underworld, because the money used in the underworld, all the paper in the yang world".

Since then, people believe that paper money is the money of the underworld. In order to express the memorial of the dead, people often burn paper money to the deceased.

There is a view that burning paper for the deceased to send money, send the plate, is derived from the Buddhist reincarnation of life and death.

People believe that after death, there is a soul, in order to let the dead relatives can be less suffering in the underworld, sincere people will burn paper money to them, hoping that they can live a good life in the other world.

Burning paper to send money to the deceased naturally will not receive, but people prefer this way to relieve the pain of longing for loved ones, and with this way to continue to do not complete the filial piety of the world, to comfort themselves.

Types of joss paper money
1 yellow joss paper

It is a must for the gods and spirits and represents the meaning of gold. They are sold in every city. The method of incineration varies from region to region.

2 hell bank note

Hell bank note, also known as netherworld paper and underworld money, is one of the sacrificial offerings burned in the folk tradition of worshipping ghosts and gods or ancestors, meaning money for the deceased to use in the underworld.

3 Yuanbao

Paper money, burning paper money is a way to worship the deceased, and is an important procedure in the ritual, finding the trust in remembrance.

The purpose of burning paper money is broadly divided into three kinds.

One is for dedication to the Buddha and the immortal gods.

The second is for the ancestors and relatives.

The third is for the spirits.

One, burned to the gods and goddesses of Buddha, in addition to the temple view, choose a clean outdoor place can be, should not be in the back alley and other dark and humid or near the toilet place. In addition, some people say on the paper to write the name of the good faith, in fact, this is very unnecessary, incense burning paper is originally issued by the heart, is through the external rituals to repair the heart of the host, and not and bodhisattva business, but also afraid that the bodhisattva can not receive the "gift", or wrong, so the thought of burning is better than not burn. It is like some stars in disaster areas nowadays, the first thing is to pull up a few victims to take a picture, and then the first time to send to the Internet, to show that here a trip, back into a failure.

Second, burn to the ancestors loved ones, there are two cases, one at the crossroads near home, incineration before Bing Shanhui table can write the name of the deceased, but do not write the descendants or their own names, if you want to write the general collectively called descendants; the other is in front of the grave of the deceased or next to the spirit, according to the rules of burning.

3 main points of burning paper.
Preparation of burning paper
Generally speaking, it is better if you do it yourself, but it can also reflect your own feelings; however, the quality of paper for burning paper should be better, the yellow paper is better to get yourself. Similarly, burning incense when burning paper should also be careful not to use poor quality incense or chemical incense; therefore, you may wish to also customize a better natural incense in the official website of the copper furnace for worship.

The time of burning paper
The time to burn paper according to your own time can be set. But for safety's sake, don't burn the paper too late at night, usually end before 9 o'clock is good. Also, you can wear an auspicious object, because the burning of the paper fury Yin is quite heavy, so you can avoid evil. This suggestion you can go to the official website of the copper furnace to customize a suitable for you to wear the auspicious pendant.

The location of the burning paper.
Crossroads open, large range, no one at night, easy to gather gas, roadside trees are easy to gather yin, poly spiritual body. In these places, there are a lot of spirit bodies, and it is certainly most suitable to carry out overturning and worship.

Burning paper to ancestors, you need to pay attention to the following matters.

1, buy burning paper, do not buy the kind of piles of printed materials, a several hundred million, that money is not practical, underneath and worthless. To buy yellow grass paper, spread out and take a hundred dollars of real money on the paper pressure, to feel that the hundred dollars is a poke, from right to left, from top to bottom, row by row, cover up until the whole paper is spread out. Such burnt paper in the following is hard currency. The money is the real into, tucked in the pocket to have face. Stacked burned paper, a knife burned paper into seven or eight, respectively, folded twice diagonally, otherwise a pile of paper want it to burn up is a lot of work. Folded up to burn will be very convenient.

2, it is best to go to the professional legal altar to respectfully request the "ancestors blessing gold" and other special law gold or plutonium, ask the master in accordance with the name and address of the deceased to fill out a good Bing single remittance form, and then go to burn.

3, before preparing to burn paper, you better prepare a fire engine (preferably windproof, Qingming Festival, July 15, the first day of October and so on the ghosts of the spirit of Yin gas heavy, windy) and a small stick.

This is convenient for you to pluck up when burning paper pressed together with the burning paper, so that the air circulation, in order to help ignite, but note that after the use of wooden sticks do not take back, directly throw away good.

4, to go to burn only when it is dark, no one dares to come out to get money at dawn. To burn paper on the way back and forth, try to get around the burning paper, do not step on it, sometimes an intersection full of paper ash piles, want to go around can not get around, then you have to carefully cut through, and sometimes may need to take a big step, before you go over to say a word, sorry, excuse me.

5, to burn paper before the ground to be burned to draw a circle, pay attention, do not circle themselves to the inside, the southwest corner to leave a gap, to facilitate the following relatives to come in to get the money.

6, when burning paper to look serious, do not laugh and play, since they have come, you will be respectful.

7, burn paper to relatives before lighting two thrown outside the circle, to answer to no relatives to send money to the ghosts.

8, when burning paper to read the words, such as: XXX, to send you money flowers to come. Today, the grandchildren are to see you come to the cloud.

9, to the ancestors to burn paper to follow the festival of burning paper, not arbitrarily on their own whim to burn.

10, must insist on watching the paper burn out before you can go, so as to prevent fire, but also to prevent the wind from blowing the paper out, by other passing pick up, after burning the paper when you leave do not look back, if the heavy killers turn back then will hurt to receive the money of the deceased, the birth of the eight light people turn back then will see things that should not see easy to leave an imprint.

Third, burn to the ghosts, which is a lot of people will do on the 15th of the first month, the reality is that the souls of the dead do not know each other, the same as the Yang alms, is a matter of merit, of course, can not be burned at home, at home to burn is not the initiative to invite outside "friends" to be guests?

More common is next to the crossroads, which is from the ancient times, people in the water next to the mouth of the practice metamorphosis, the road is the water, the crossroads is the water mouth, for the gathering of yin place, but also a lot of ghosts like to gather in the place, there are some high art bold master, will specialize in finding "fierce ghosts", in these places to burn paper to overtake the practice, and these places on There is no fixed location. In any case, pay attention to fire and traffic safety, and must not report their homes, names and their treasure number, so as not to cause trouble and disaster.


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