The Upcoming “Israeli” Elections: A Fierce Competition Between Deadly Vipers And Venomous Snakes

All expectations indicate that the upcoming “Israeli” elections, which will take place on 1 November, will in fact be a fierce contention between the manifestly racist mainstream right represented by the Likud party, led by former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and his competitors from the openly fascist parties such as “Yamina,” the Zionist settler camp and Zionist religious groups.

According to the Hebrew press, Netanyahu will focus in his upcoming Israeli election campaign on the need to promote “Jewish ethnic purity” to ensure that the Jewish state remains purely Jewish. Netanyahu has repeatedly urged the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, regardless of the fact that the apartheid state has a large Arab minority, constituting more than one-fifth of the population. Netanyahu has never made clear what he exactly means by “Jewish state,” but experts readily agree that Netanyahu harbours malicious intents behind that laconic phrase.

Some observers speak quite candidly about Netanyahu’s obsession of carrying out a “historic neutralization” of the large Arab minority, either through expulsion or by way of depriving the Arabs of their rights as citizens on the ground that they are non-Jews living unwantedly in an exclusively Jewish state.

Needless to say, the fact that these Arabs and their ancestors had been living in Palestine since time immemorial, certainly many centuries before Netanyahu’s family immigrated to Palestine a few decades ago, is simply ignored.

It is worth noting in this context that the Israeli parliament (the Knesset) passed the so-called Nationality Law four years ago, which stipulates that a citizen who enjoys all the rights of citizenship, including the right to self-determination, must be a Jew. Non-Jews are denied this right by law, even if they scarify their lives for Israel, like the Druze community.

Interestingly, the very concept of a Jewish racial or ethnic purity is infinitely ridiculous, since there is no such thing as a Jewish race. Indeed, until today, more than 70 years after the creation of the Zionist entity, Israel has been utterly unable to reach a single, unified definition of “who is a Jew.”

In ancient times, a Jew was generally defined in religious terms as someone who subscribes to Jewish beliefs and practices Judaism. In modern times, especially since the emergence of the Zionist movement in the nineteenth century, other secular definitions of “who is a Jew” were innovated. Thus, a Jew became any person who has a Jewish mother.” As to what makes the mother Jewish, it is quite a different question, which even the country’s chief rabbi can’t answer.

Nonetheless, politicians and propagandists continue to deceive themselves and the world by speaking of a Jewish race!

But when one confronts these pathological liars that Jews in Israel hail from every conceivable race and ethnic background in the world, they insult people’s intelligence by pointing out that DNA tests proved that black (Ethiopian) Jews and Anglo-Saxon white Jews have the same ancestry and that Khazar (Ashkenazi) Jews carry the same genes as do Berber Jews from North Africa! In short, an educated and honest person can’t really conduct a meaningful conversation with these people who use the big-lie tactics to prove their ludicrous legends.! And when you refuse to take for granted their diatribe of nonsense, because it is an insult to ordinary human intelligence, they instantly throw the ready-made charge of anti-Semitism at your face!

Israeli Elections and the “nationality” law
This notorious law is very similar to the Nazi Nuremberg laws, such as the Citizenship Law of 1935. Many historians believe that the mentioned laws formed the “legal infrastructure” for the Nazi Holocaust that occurred in the last years of World War II. This shows that Auschwitz, Bergen Belsen, Dachau, Mauthausen, Treblinka and other death camps effectively began when these decidedly criminal laws were first adopted in 1935, not when they actually occurred in 1939-1945.

With the Israeli Jewish society now sinking in the quagmire of racism and fascism, one might wonder if the racist laws issued so far or those expected to be passed in the near future auger some hair-raising prospects for the non-Jewish population of Israel.

Media Ploy
Predictably, Netanyahu defends these racist laws by repeating the deceptive mantra that Israel is a “Jewish and democratic state”, but this logic is no more than a kind of evasion. Indeed, every serious pundit of the conflict knows deep in his\her heart that Netanyahu and the rest of the Zionist clique resort to this “media ploy” to bamboozle world public opinion, especially the largely gullible American public, which is shockingly ignorant about Zionist tricks.

Netanyahu…the Evil liar
The second main goal that Netanyahu would like to achieve is to try to make Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip hopeless and helpless “ orphans” by expediting normalization efforts with the remaining Arab dictatorships that have not yet normalized relations with Israel.

In so doing, he would coerce or cajole Arab leaders, who are not answerable to their masses, to commit adultery with the Palestinian cause, including the paramount issue of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque, all without making any substantial concessions to the Palestinians.

Furthermore, it is widely expected that Netanyahu will seek, in the upcoming elections, probably in alliance with religious Zionism and the Haredi parties, to continue narrowing the horizons of Palestinians and change the status quo at the Haram al-Sharif, which houses the Aqsa Mosque and the golden Dome of the Rock by legislating Talmudic prayers and rituals in its esplanade. Such a feat would be carried out in preparation for Judaizing the exclusively Islamic sanctuary, fully or entirely, amid a terrible silence on the part of Arabs and Muslims, especially the regimes which have normalized their relations with the Zionist entity. A Netanyahu government would also continue to steal Palestinian lands in full view of a world that does not see or hear but understands only the language of force.

As mentioned above, Netanyahu’s final goal is represented in his unbridled desire to shrink the political weight of more than two million Arabs who have been striving for justice and equality in Israel for many decades, despite the enormous difficulties they face. It is worth noting that Netanyahu reproached former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett because the latter’s government coalition included a small Arab party upon which the government depended on for its very survival. In light, we can firmly argue that placing any hopes on the next Israeli government, which is likely to be headed by Netanyahu, would be very much like searching for justice in the dens of thieves and looking for safety in the holes of venomous snakes, which is a disastrous course of action by all standards.

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