Many schools have been very busy recently, because the days for the college entrance examination are counting down day by day, and they are working non-stop to prepare the materials and machines needed for the examination room. This is to allow candidates to take the examination in a stable and orderly environment.

This is also the responsibility of the school. So recently we can see that a kind of machine has been installed in the examination room. This is the examination signal blocker that has been vigorously promoted by many schools recently. It is an effective countermeasure against electronic signal cheating. Although it is so It is effective, but what is not known is that when it is actually put into use, its effect will be different depending on the installation place and situation.

cell phone jammer

Although the shielding range we see can be found in the instructions provided with the test signal jammer, this data is laboratory data and is for reference only. Actual use depends on different situations. First of all, whether there is a base station within 500 meters nearby is one of the reasons that affects the shielding range, and the impact is different depending on the distance.

This should be noted. Secondly, the test cell phone signal jammer cannot penetrate the wall. This will cause its shielding effect to be greatly reduced, and metal objects will also affect its shielding effect. Although these problems will affect the effectiveness of the test signal jammer, it is still the most effective helper in eliminating electronic cheating methods.

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