Things to note when using mobile phone signal jammers

The emergence of signals can be said to have brought a lot of convenience, but sometimes in order to prevent the negative effects of signals, cell phone signal jammers are often used in examination rooms to block signals so that students cannot use mobile phones to cheat. Use it What are the precautions?

1. The antenna and other accessories are installed correctly;

2. To ensure sufficient power, the handheld indicator light turns yellow or red to indicate that the power supply is down, and the shielding effect of the mobile phone signal jammer is not as good as usual;

signal blocker

3. The mobile base station is more than 200 meters away;

4. The shielding effect depends on the surrounding environment. The interference effect of mobile phones used in suburbs is better than that in cities. Due to the higher density of mobile base stations in cities and the close distance between base stations, the signals emitted by urban mobile base stations are many times stronger than those in suburbs;

5. When using a signal blocker, there should not be any metal objects or wall obstructions around the antenna and between the jammer and the phone to block signal transmission;

6. Strong magnetic field and strong electromagnetic wave environment will affect the interference effect of use;

7. The installation height of the mobile phone signal jammer should be as high as possible at the same level as the device you want to block;

8. Long-term use of interference opportunities will cause high heat and affect the interference radius;

9. When the phone is on a call, the jammer does not easily block the signal;

10. It is normal for the radio waves emitted by the jammer to accumulate and cause the machine to heat up;

11. There is a lag in the refresh of the signal display grid on the mobile phone. Interference may have been turned on but the mobile phone still displays the signal status;

12. To test the function of the GPS jammer, please download the GPS signal detection software to test the shielding effect, or open the car navigation function test;

13. The wifi jammer device with WIFI jamming function will also block other appliances with WIFI.

Although mobile phone signal jammers are easy to use and can identify mobile phone signals and general frequencies, we should also pay attention to the points listed above to truly make full use of them and not abuse them. Stay away from electronic products during normal use.

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