Things You Should Know About Neck Pain & Discomfort

Neck discomfort is a frequent ailment among adults and children. According to studies, roughly 15% of individuals have neck discomfort that lasts at least one day in a year.

Neck pain can happen for many reasons. It might appear suddenly because of an accident or gradually because of years of wear and tear or bad posture.

Self-care activities like rest, ice, and correcting posture can usually ease the discomfort. Conservative medical treatment, such as medication and physical therapy, is occasionally necessary. You may consider invasive procedures if noninvasive treatment does not work.

If your pain persists or interferes with your everyday activities, you should see a neck pain specialist near me.

The most prevalent cause of neck pain in everyday life is a strain or sprain. It may occur as a result of:

Neck pain can be caused by sleeping in an uncomfortable posture.

A fall or a collision, or suddenly moving the neck in an odd way.

Poor posture can cause neck difficulties at home, at work, or when traveling. If you keep your head bent forward for long periods of time, it strains your neck muscles and causes pain.

Continuous head movement during swimming or dancing can cause neck muscles, ligaments, and tendons to become overworked.

Long durations of keeping the head in an odd posture, such as having a long conversation while holding the phone between the shoulder and head, can create neck pain.

Whiplash injury occurs when the head and neck rapidly move backward then forward with tremendous force. The soft tissue around the cervical spine can be ripped or burst. This often occurs when two vehicles collide in a rear-end accident.

If you've been suffering from neck discomfort for a long time and haven't found relief with rest or over-the-counter pain relievers, you should see the pain management Dublin Ohio experts at Athletic Advantage. The professionals will help in identifying and treating the underlying causes of neck discomfort and will work with you to achieve relief.

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