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The 12 Best Treadmills Online Accounts To Follow On Twitter

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Jogging routinely give a distinct very good outcome on the general wellbeing, delivered It's not over-performed. The consequences are:

* Jogging can make the center more powerful. It enhances the ability from the blood circulation and of your respiratory procedure.

* It accelerates the digestive procedure and will help you do away with digestive hassle.

* It counteracts despair.

* It raises the…


Develop your programming skills in Data Science Course

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With the skills I’d learned at Great Learning, I was able to move ahead in my career. Overall, the successful candidate will have strengths in analytics, programming, and the development/implementation of management reporting. As a faculty with WILP, he teaches courses like Introduction to Statistical Methods, Advanced Statistical Techniques for Analytics, Data Mining, and Machine Learning for various programs. Prof. Vineet Garg is an assistant lecturer with BITS Pilani WILP. He has a…


Top 3 similar websites like and it's alternative

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Top 3 similar websites like and it's alternative

Every site is similar like pdisk , we are already know In past few months what is pdisk alternative what going in pdisk . Every copyrighted Content will uploaded on pdisk . So we…


Don't Make This Silly Mistake With Your Global Order Fulfillment

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Part of achieving this is the use of a good warehouse or inventory management system. It is often a good idea to prioritize high-demand items when it comes accessibility. I love the way this…


Top 10 Car Maintenance Tips In India

Maintaining your Car health is very essential to keep it in good condition for the long run. In India, buying a car is considered a symbol of Pride & Status but its maintenance becomes challenging due to the poor road conditions. It is necessary to take good care of your car regularly to prevent accidents and a costly repair. We suggest you have a regular inspection of your Car. All the car maintenance tips for India provided by Mekvahan are very essential because of poor road facilities in some areas and its well said that precautions are better than cure.

Here, we are sharing the top 10 car maintenance tips in India for good running conditions:
Read Owner’s manual carefully:
Reading Owner’s manual properly is the first car maintenance tip for Indian car owners as it solves all the basic problems which you might face after owning the car.

The owner’s manual act as a guide for your Car, it includes all the necessary information related to service interval, coolant, engine oil change interval, and other important information about your car.

We always advises car owners to read the manual carefully before getting any maintenance service for your Car because the Owner’s manual consists of all the do’s and don’ts which are specifically tailored for your Car.

Checking Engine Oil:
Checking the engine oil level is another important Car maintenance tip. In India, People generally don’t ask mechanics or service companies to show how can they check the engine oil level at own, so don’t hesitate to ask queries related to your car.

For your knowledge, here we are explaining how to check the engine oil level with the help of Dipstick. Firstly, park your car at flat surface & turn off the ignition, then wait for some time to drain engine oil into the oil pan. After that remove engine oil dipstick to clean it with tissue or cloth and then again put it back into its place. Again, pull the dipstick to check the oil level. There will be two notches on the stick marked as “MAX” and “MIN”. If it is slightly lower than the ‘MAX’ mark, then it's not a big issue but still, you should TOP-IT-UP anyway. And, If the Engine Oil turns black and dark then its time to change it.

Remember to place the dipstick back to its position & Close the Oil filler cap after topping Oil up. As always, we provides the best car maintenance tips to Indian Customers & suggests to add the same type or brand of engine oil which your Car is using already.

Check Battery:
Batteries are the core part of an electronic car. With the advancement of technology, modern batteries do not need heavy maintenance and you have to check it for after some time.

In the case of batteries, we will provide you with helpful and essential Car maintenance tips for Indian car owners. Must ensure that terminals of your Car battery are free from rusting or other damages and clean it regularly. If you haven’t use the car for a long time, then you must run your Car at least twice in a week to reduce the chances of battery damage.

To maintain the Battery life, you need nitrile gloves for your protection, the solution with a sand-paper(Nos. 80) and just rub off the deposit on terminals as well as leads which are suffering from corrosion.

Pay attention to Dashboard light:
Paying attention to warning lights is a very important car maintenance tip for Indians because we are unaware of the consequences of malfunctioning of these light. In modern cars, there are sophisticated sensors and warning arrangements which notify car owners about an approaching mechanical bug.

If your ABS warning light or engine light, brake warning light, electric fault light, or coolant warning light are not working properly then it’s time to visit Mekvahan or any other Service company to check the problem.

Check Wiper Blades and Fluid:
Wiper blades and Fluid help you in getting clear vision during rainy weather and winter season, both of them hold equal importance in your car maintenance. For Wiper Blades and fluid, here we have some great car maintenance tips for Indian car owners.

Firstly, never run wipers on dry windshield because it can cause irreparable damages and it will costs you much for replacing with the new one. Change the old wiper blades because it consists of dirt which causes haze effects & gives blur vision, so change the wiper blades before your windshield got damaged. Regularly check wiper blades to ensure that they are not broken.

Always Top-Up windshield tank with fluid, We never suggest using shampoo in place of fluid because it leaves oily effects and then finally, make sure the nozzles of the washer are perfectly working.
Check Tyre Pressure:
Regularly check the tyre pressure, and make sure your tyres are properly inflated because under-inflated tyres consume more fuel and affect the handling. Over-inflated tyres can cause major accidents by bursting tyres and under-inflated tyres will wear out faster.

All of us are very well aware of the road conditions in India, we provides all the tyre-related car maintenance tips for Indian roads. Firstly, you should have an air pump of 12V power socket in your Car and just plugin so that your tyres will be filled with enough air to get you nearby repair centre. You can directly contact us because we provide free pick up and drop services.

Also, check the tyre pressure once in 10 days for reducing the risk of accidents in Indian roads. You Should maintain the tyre pressure which is recommended by the manufacturer of your Car and tyre servicing is the main car maintenance tip for Indian due to poor construction of roads.

Check the Wheel Alignment:
Checking the Wheel Alignment make sure that your car’s wheel angle and direction are properly aligned. And the best part about wheel alignment issue is easily noticeable and doesn’t cost much to repair unless you are replacing it with the new one.

So, here we have some car maintenance tip for Wheel Alignment, firstly check whether your car is drifting to the sides while driving in a straight line, if yes, then you should adjust the wheel alignment.

You can visit Mekvahan for wheel alignment if you want affordable and quality service.
Rotate the tyres to prevent rusting and ensure that wheels are rotating freely. Regular wheel alignment checkups prevent major accidents and expensive servicing.

Check Brake/steering & Fluid:
For the best car maintenance service in India related to checking the brake/ steering fluid, We strongly suggest you to visit us because it's not an easy task as it constitutes dangerous chemicals & acidic solution. Due to lack of proper techniques, it can lead to major destructions.

The brake pads are very crucial because it provides safety in cars by bringing cars to rest from kinetic energy to thermal energy due to frictional force. The brake dust composes 92% iron and 8% Dirt & carbon, so clean your car’s brake regularly and increase the tyre life.

Moreover, we recommend you to check both the level & put into consideration if any of them is lower than the “MIN” mark. Regularly check your car brakes are functioning properly or not.

Replace/Clean Air Filter:
Now, here we have a car maintenance tip for Indian car owners who face a lot of problems due to dust, smog, pollen and other contaminated particles in the air filters. So, In case you are driving in a dusty area, the dust particles travel in the air filter which affects the efficiency of the engine, you should keep the air filter clean in such conditions.

In modern cars, the air filter is very easy to clean with basic tools at home. Also, you can easily access the air filter, we suggest you check the air filter once in a month whether the air filter needs replacements or cleaning.

Before replacing the air filter, try cleaning it a few times with the help of a vacuum, or any soft wet cloth. Buying a new air filter is not very expensive if you want.

Never Ignore strange sounds:
Actually, it’s an important car maintenance tip for Indian car owners because we are generally ignorant about these things and sometimes it can cost us heavily. If you hear rattling, knocking, popping, squealing, hissing and other such types of sounds, so these sounds might be the indication of big troubles your car is facing and don’t ignore strange sounds coming from under the body of the car.

If you are not able to recognise what the sound is then you must visit the service centre, they will help you out. If there is a little bit of noise which is expected while running your car, then don’t panic but such sounds might be the starting of big problems.

But for your safety, we recommend you to visit Mekvahan for your car inspection because we have proper machines & equipment to fix all the problems. Also, We suggested the best car maintenance tips to enhance the efficiency and performance of your Car. So, if you follow these top 6 car maintenance tips in India, you will be able to keep in your car in good running condition and always clean the interior and exterior of your car.
So, these were the ten common reasons why your car was not starting. If you are facing similar problems then feel free to contact us, enjoy the best quality and affordable services for your car.
Mekvahan believes in making auto care is most cost effective, engaging and trustworthy than ever before.

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