Top 16 Startups developing AI for Cyber Security

1. Appthority

Nation: USA

Financing: $25.3M

Mobile threat intelligence that is precise and actionable to improve your mobile and entire enterprise security.

2. CrowdStrike

Nation: USA

Financing: $481M

Through cloud-based endpoint protection, CrowdStrike is the market leader in next-generation endpoint protection, threat intelligence, and incident response.

3. Cybereason

Nation: USA

Financing: $388.6M

EDR, NGAV, anti-ransomware, fileless malware protection, and managed services powered by a proprietary AI hunting engine round out next-generation endpoint security. Cybereason use machine learning to boost the number of endpoints a single analyst can control across a distributed network.

4. CashShield

Nation: Singapore

Financing: $25.5M

CashShield is a risk management organisation that assists businesses in reducing the risk of fraudulent payments and hostile accounts. CashShield’s algorithm is self-teaching in real time, thus no data scientist or fraud analyst is required.

5. Darktrace

Nation: UK

Financing: $179.5M

Darktrace is the world’s premier cyber security machine learning business.

6. Deep Instinct

Nation: Israel

Financing: $92.1M

Deep Instinct is one of the top cybersecurity companies that use deep learning to provide unrivalled zero-day attack defence.

7. Dtex Systems

Nation: USA

Financing: $57.5M

Dtex Systems uses user behaviour intelligence to assist businesses in detecting cybersecurity companies’ threats while maintaining their privacy.

8. Endgame

Nation: USA

Financing: $111.4M

Endgame’s endpoint security software safeguards data around the world from sophisticated threats.

9. Insight Engines

Nation: USA

Financing: $15.8M

Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology from Insight Engines allows you to query your machine data in “plain English,” reducing the need to learn and utilise sophisticated, proprietary query languages.

10. Obsidian Security

Nation: USA

Financing: $9.5M

Obsidian Security transforms how businesses employ data science and security technology to fight cyber threats in hybrid cloud settings.

11. PerimeterX

Nation: USA

Financing: $34.5M

PerimeterX protects your website from web scraping, scalping, account takeover, ad fraud, click fraud, carding, and other bot threats using machine learning.

12. SentinelOne

Nation: USA

Financing: $696.5M

SentinelOne is an AI-based endpoint protection solution that successfully blocks, detects, and responds to assaults from all primary vectors.

13. Shape Security

Nation: USA

Financing: $183M

Shape Security offers best-in-class cybersecurity vendor to safeguard your business against automated web and mobile app attacks. Its artificial intelligence designed to answer one question: is this a real user?

14. Tessian

Nation: UK

Financing: $123.7M

Tessian, the creators of Human Layer Security, allows people to do their best job without having to worry about security.

15. Traceable AI

Nation: USA

Financing: $80M

Traceable AI provides machine learning-based services to protect APIs from hackers.

16. Vectra AI

Nation: USA

Financing: $222.5M

Vectra allows businesses to detect, and halt cyberattacks in real time across cloud, data centre, corporate, and IoT networks.

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