Top 5 Technology Trends to Consider for Your Sports Betting Business

No doubt, the sports betting market is evolving continuously. Online sports betting platforms have major credit for this evolution and exceptional industry growth in recent years.

Online sports betting makes things a lot easier and more convenient for bettors, while also taking their betting game experience to the next level. They can place wagers on any sports event and match outcomes from the comfort of their place using their computers, smartphones, or tablets. Besides this major revolution, several technology trends are emerging in the sports betting market that help operators or online sportsbooks to attract more customers.

If you also own an online sports betting platform or wish to invest in sports betting software development, then you must be acquainted with these trends. Integrating such latest technology trends into your gambling business will prove to be beneficial in many aspects. It will help you offer an exceptional experience to your players and eventually drive more revenue. In this post, we have listed five of the best trends that you must consider for your online gambling platform.

AR and VR

AR and VR are making their presence in almost every industry sector and online gambling is no exception to this. Sports betting app development companies have started using AR and VR to create more engaging sports betting apps and gambling games. VR-powered games offer a real-time sportsbook and casino feel, which proves helpful in increasing player engagement rate. Also, AR-powered sports betting apps provide sensory inputs, which again help enhance the betting experience.

Crypto-powered Betting Platforms

Many sportsbooks are attracted to incorporate cryptocurrency features into their software for more transparent and secure gambling operations. The cryptocurrency-powered gambling platform allows players to play internationally without worrying about any security or exchange rate problems. It lets gamblers play without confirming their email or other identity information. It also facilitates them to place wagers and withdraw money swiftly from anywhere across the world without any restrictions. Seeing these excellent perks, it can be concluded that in the coming ten years, the appearance of blockchain and cryptocurrency is going to change the industry significantly.

Live Betting

Live or In-play betting allows bettors to place bets during a sports match or event. It eliminates the need to research stats and form before the match and lets bettors decide what they think is worth placing a bet on. Having an in-play betting option on your sports betting software helps attract the bettors who prefer the same. It offers a value if bettors can identify comebacks prior to it becoming obvious that they will happen. The odds and bettors’ chances of winning increase as the game proceeds. It allows bettors to leverage changing odds while they are watching.

Artificial Intelligence for Improve Customer Service

Artificial Intelligence is making a significant contribution to the evolution of many industries by automating several business operations like customer support. It is really difficult to get customer support at land-based sportsbooks. But, not in the case of online sportsbook software as they come with chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence. AI chatbots integrated into online sports betting platforms help players throughout their gaming sessions. They can understand and solve different types of queries related to sports betting without making gamers wait for a long time. Such quick and seamless customer support improves the overall gambling experience and ultimately the retention rate on your online sports betting platform.

Mobile Sports Gambling

Smartphone usage is not just limited to doing calls and messaging. There have been a plethora of things people can accomplish with their smartphones and gambling is one of them. Today, an increasing number of bettors prefer to place bets on sports with their mobile devices, as it eliminates the need to visit a sportsbook or casino. Considering the increasing demand for mobile betting, many online sportsbooks are making their platform mobile responsive or developing sports betting mobile apps.


All the above technological trends prove that the future of online sports betting depends on technology modernization to a great extent. Both players and sports betting platforms are embracing these trends. If you wish to be ahead in this competitive market and gain a competitive edge, then you must keep abreast of such tech trends and implement the same into your sports betting software development process.

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