Top Five Natural Dog Foods to Feed your Pet

There are many foods that provide benefits for a canine’s health. There are also basic natural foods that can make a tremendous difference when they are added to a canine’s diet.

Historically, in medical schools for veterinarians or humans, nutritional training wasn’t much focused upon. This resulted in the training of veterinarians and doctors with limited and biased knowledge.

And this doesn’t establish, nutrition isn’t important. It’s actually the foundation of good health. It fuels a canine’s body which benefits him with long-term maintained health, healthy energy levels and tissue repair. This is why natural dog food brands and health practitioners focus majorly on the right nutritional diet and supplements.

Natural foods are the most important medicine for canines to consume daily. Here are the top five natural and freshly available dog foods for canines to support their health.

#1 Bone Broth

Bone broth has natural healing properties. It’s simmered low with apple cider for several days, thus slowly breaking down all nutrients and making them bioaccessible to the canine’s body.

The benefits of bone broth:

● Improves gut health
● Detoxifies the liver
● Reduces inflammation
● Provides relief from joint pain
● Strengthens muscles and bones
● Increases absorption of minerals
● Boosts immunity
● Improves skin and coat health
● Promotes cognition, memory and better sleep

#2 Unpasteurized Goat Milk

This is one of the most nutritious natural foods. It’s high in probiotics, healthy fats, protein, Vitamins A, D and K2 and digestive enzymes.

Health benefits of raw goat milk:

● Strengthens the immune system
● Reduces allergies
● Great for gut health
● Repairs leaky gut
● Promotes better skin health

#3 Meat of Organs & Glands

Be it homemade or commercial meals, organ meats are dense in nutrients, and therefore a vital component of a canine’s diet. These include liver, kidneys, adrenal glands, pancreas, brain and heart. Organ meats build strength and endurance and therefore, must be sourced from organically fed animals.

#4 Raw eggs

Eggs are a nutritional powerhouse of complete protein and are 100% bioaccessible. These are also easy to add to a canine’s diet and are highly beneficial for cardiovascular health.

Benefits of eggs:

● Regulates cholesterol
● Great for eye and skin health

#5 Omega-3 Rich Food

Small fishes such as sardines and anchovies are a great source of omega-3 oils. These are best for feeding on a regular basis.

Health benefits of Omega-3:

● Anti-inflammatory properties
● Supports joint
● Superfood for the brain
● Improves kidney function
● Benefits skin and eye health
● Maintains heart health

How To Incorporate Natural Foods?

When adding natural foods in a canine’s diet, it’s essential to start slowly with new items and try not to add too many at one time. Initially, the amounts should also be smaller and need to be worked up gradually. These amounts need to be tailored as per the size of the canine. A small canine should consume half of a large canine’s diet. With that said, canine parents should remember and understand, feeding a wholesome and fresh nutritious diet is essential for maintaining their canine’s health.

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