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Transparent Black Torrent Download [Ativador]

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About This Game

Transparent Black is a little adventure role-playing game with multiple endings that can be cleared in half an hour, set in a classroom when it's already after school, in which you play as a hopeless girl.
You can choose to skip descriptions on blood and violence while starting a new game round.

· Gorge your hatred. Embrace your rage!

You can't play as a goat here, but at least there is a knife.

· Not a horror game, nor a survival game.

It's kind of a puzzle game with very simple puzzles suitable for novices.

· It once won the 1st prize in an online event in China.

So at least some people thought it's a good game.

· It's short.

You have enough time to play it through and then ask for refund.
Reason for not doing so: I beg you not.

P.S. Any reply to questions on sequels is not an official reply. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Transparent Black
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
LR Studio
LR Studio
Release Date: 11 Nov, 2016

English,Simplified Chinese

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The follow-up to Confess my Love takes place right in the aftermath of the first game. The actual main game is a much smaller game than its predecessor, so getting the DLC is adviced. It plays similar to the original where almost all of the game takes place inside the classroom and the multiple endings differ depending on what flags you activate. It's quite a dark game (not just the colors) dealing with the themes of bullying and abuse.

I was surprised by how much better the game was compared with the first one, with the minimalist pixel graphics really shining. The music and sound design is also much superior, this time really standing on their own and enhancing the experience; the only thing left to desire is that there could be more of it. There's an unexpected attention to detail throughout the game that really makes for a better game.

The DLC has two variations where the creator urges the player to play through one before the other. I can only echo this sentiment, where in a Nieresque manner the second playthrough illuminates the parts shrouded in darkness in the first playthrough.

All in all, it's a small indie affair, it's not going to make anyone's game of the year, but it is a good game for those who enjoy short little (game maker) RPGs with a dark tone and somber story (think Yume Nikki). Besides, it's reasonably priced and you support a Chinese indie developer so at the very least it could be this year's good deed.. EDIT FOR NEW UPDATE \/ DLC: Incredibly, the day after I made this review, a patch came out that addressed most of my concerns. The translation has been significantly improved, and I'd say it's perfectly passable now. It's still not perfect, but I'd say it's more on par with the translation in the previous game now. Way more coherent and easy to read.

Transparent Black is a neat little gem of a game by a Chinese developer that was made for a game jam. You play as a nameless girl that is struggling to cope with the constant bullying of her classmates, and as the player you make some simple choices that determine how she will react to the ever growing anguish in her heart. I can't really say any more without spoiling it, so I'll refrain. It's quite short, clocking in at about 1 - 2 hours, depending on how clever you are or how quickly you jump into a guide.

Before you decide to try this game, please make sure to go play the developer's previous title, Confess My Love, as it will add a lot of context and story that gets built upon. It's free, and despite the developer saying that Transparent Black isn't a sequel to it, it's pretty clear that Transparent Black builds on the story set up in Confess My Love, or at the very least heavily references it.

The art style of the game is beautiful, depressing, and creepy. It uses minimalism well, conveying enough detail visually to make you understand exactly what's happening while giving you plenty of flat space that you're likely to project your own details onto, which further enhances the depressing atmosphere and horror of the game. The music is also perfectly fitting.

In summary, this is a short but very memorable little horror game at a very cheap price that's worth your time. Just make sure you play Confess My Love first to get the full experience.. Um... I really liked the first one, so when I saw that another game was there, I was really excited. But then I noticed that the game felt kind of rushed... I'm not dissing the creators, but I don't know if it was the mistranslated text, or some of the art, but I was a little disheartened. Next, I found that there were two endings I could figure out myself. Which is quite a shame, as the first was terrific with 20 endings and all! I thought they could've done something way different, I loved that Liza was the new main character, but in my opinion, they should have gone with a new ending of some sort. But maybe you can get a better kick out of the game than me, please, give it a try, and if you don't like it, refund it. It's only a buck, and the game lasts about thirty minutes. I'm recommending the game for this reason.

-Note- To sum this up incase you don't like reading, expierience this game if you liked the first, and then decide if you will refund it or keep it.. The translation is so bad that I can't understand enough within the first 5 minutes to want to keep playing. I requested a refund.. Recommended if you liked Confess My Love, which would be good to have played before this. Transparent Black is darker, though.. The game's really short, abouttt less than an hour of playtime, but for the cheap price it makes sense.
It's super polished for an (I'm assuming) RPGMaker game, and it actually kinda freaked me out a little. It's a SUPERRR dark game, but the endings are interesting. My favorites have to be Transparent Black and White with Black . The translation is passable, but very bumpy, I'd suggest the dev work on it in the future. The art style is beautiful and minimalist, I really, really liked it.

It'd be nice if the story had been expanded upon a bit, but that didn't bother me too much in all honesty.

TLDR; a polished, enjoyable game worth the price if you're into RPGMaker stuff and don't mind some awkward dialogue.

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