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Brought to you by Charm Games, the award-winning developers of FORM, Twilight Path is a virtual reality fantasy puzzle adventure that takes you on an otherworldly journey to meet wandering spirits, enchanted sentries, and mischievous gods. Twilight Path draws on inspiration from beloved films such as Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, The Dark Crystal and The Neverending Story.

Transported to a surreal realm between the real world and the afterlife, you awaken to discover you have become trapped in this mystical spirit world. You'll come to learn that your only path home leads through ancient and abandoned Great Wheel. Along the way, the unlikely companions will encounter a land of beauty, mystery, and life. Only by restoring the world to balance can you return to the life you left behind.

Charm Games is a small independent studio of industry veterans from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The games we make are passion projects for our whole team, based on our shared belief that virtual reality can make the impossible possible. Since releasing our first game, FORM, we have been humbled by your support and enthusiasm. Please enjoy! 7aa9394dea

Title: Twilight Path
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
Charm Games
Charm Games
Release Date: 2 Oct, 2018


Great game! If you liked their previous title Form, this one follows in a similar fashion with lots of great visuals, sound design, and puzzles. I love supporting developers like this that put in the time to make a polished game.. I bought FORM and Twilight Path in a bundle together. I enjoyed the 43 minutes it took me to beat FORM. I think Twilight Path is a lesser game in several ways.
I found all the story parts of the game pretty boring. It was just me standing there doing nothing until the next teleport point became available.
In FORM, you just aim and hold the trigger to pull distant objects towards you. In Twilight Path, you do the same, but first you have to spend 5 seconds holding and releasing both triggers in an annoying minigame. I hated it everytime.
I found these puzzles to be a bit less intuitive. In the beginning you are given the power to basically create a blue lense that can show hidden information when you look through it. A similar mechanic exists in FORM, but you are given the lense everytime you need it. In Twilight Path, I think I spent at least 2 minutes on every puzzle that required it just doing things randomly trying to figure out what I was missing, until I remembered that I had the lense. There was another puzzle that gave me trouble. At some point you open a chest and basically have to place some dragon balls in the correct slots. Apparently I did not open the chest far enough. I was able to interact with everything in it, but could not figure out anything about how to solve the puzzle. After 5 minutes I opened the chest another 10 degrees until it locked and some constellations appeared to give the answers.. A fantasy adventure with beautiful graphics and effects. The puzzles were a little simple although logical, and I found myself hoping it would be a little more like FORM, by the same devs which is fantastic. The whole experience lasted an hour and a half and not quite as engaging or involved as the other title. Originally it kept crashing which was frustrating till I updated my graphics driver and all was well. Worth a look.. This game was fantastic, charming little story with great voice acting. I really recommend the game and I hope they make a follow up to the game!

. If you liked Form, then you will probably tolerate this one - it's basically the same stuff in a different wrapping. But if you didn't like Form, then you gonna absolutely HATE Twilight Path.

Those two games have a lot of similarities: awesome visuals, short length, unsatisfying ending and the most boring puzzles ever. Follow the path with your hand, solve a 3D jigsaw puzzle with 2-5 pieces, point your hand on an object for a few seconds - that covers about 90% of the gameplay. I don't think this can even be called "puzzles" with all seriousness.. This is a gorgeous little game which really felt like being dropped into the world of a fantasy movie. If you have a soft spot for films like Labyrinth, Neverending Story, or Mirrormask then this feels really special. If you have played Form then the puzzles are going to feel very familiar except that the interactions are in the environemnt instead of on boxes. The biggest problem I had is that, even accepting the length of the game, the ending still feels really abrupt compared to the rest of it.. I am enjoying this game very much! The art is well done. Sound effects are really "expressive" too if that makes sense. The characters seem to have a good amount of development considering how they interact with you. They are interesting and have distinct personalities. It's kind of quirky and cool. The puzzles for each experience are just challenging enough to keep you going. I also like the slightly macabre undertone of being in the afterlife. I would recommend this game for sure.. Felt like being in the never ending story, I loved it!!. Is there a "meh" option? The visuals are nice, but you spend a bunch of time just waiting for a thing to click on to appear. One of the very first things you acquire is a dog's head sculpture? balloon? Don't know why. The puzzles pretty much lead you by the hand in how to solve them. The hardest part is contorting your hands to rotate some of the things the correct way (at least with the Vive controllers) or to avoid banging the two controllers together when solving a two-handed puzzle.

Maybe its better for kids? The dialog is certainly targeted at a very child friendly level. Such as when one character chastises the other just as its about to say "jerks" or maybe "a**h***s", but probably "jerks". It will probably get a giggle from the average 6 year old.

I bought it in the bundle with FORM and Twilight Path is about what I expected. I'm not disappointed, but I'm not excited to recommend it either.

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