Underboob Tattoo - Finding an Awesome New Tattoo Design

Underboob Tattoos are essentially any inking you receive around your chest area which is below your bra. Some underboob tattoo designs cover up the breast area completely, which is generally the best way to look at it. Others extend slightly past the underboob area, which displays a lower half boob tattoo design. Some people like to have both upper and lower half designs, but I generally recommend having just the lower half of the design. Here are some cool underboob tattoo design ideas for your consideration:

This design has been extremely popular among many women, and it's easy to see why. It's incredibly sexy, and it can really highlight certain areas of a woman's body, or even just her toned arms. You can really add a lot of personality and sensuality to this style by choosing something that is colored black, or bright red. Of course, if you don't want to get too bold, there are other options as well.

Many people will choose this style because it's so incredibly feminine. The pink of the color coordinate perfectly with the lips and the shape of a woman's breast. It can be inked right under the nipple, or on either side if you'd prefer. Usually, this is inked on the inside of the sternum. This is a great choice for women who aren't terribly proud of their physical bodies, and appreciate a sexy tattoo that still conveys a sense of form and fashion.

This design is usually a bit more difficult than some of the others listed above. Women often opt for the more elaborate, colorful tattoos of the '90s, like stars, tribal designs, and flowers. However, since tattoos have been popular for a decade now, it's incredibly easy to find an underboob tattoo that looks amazing. Some of the most popular designs from the decade are Japanese, Celtic, and butterfly tattoos. These designs look amazing in both modern and old style tattoos. If you have these types of images in your mind, an inked underboob tattoo might be exactly what you're looking for.

Many men choose this type of body art for much different reasons. Some want to emphasize their masculinity. Some just think it's kind of cool. Whatever the reason, here are some very popular designs: tribal, flames, celtic, lion, eagle, zodiac, wings, tiger, and many more. Some of these designs can also be combined to make larger and more complicated patterns, which gives you endless possibilities for unique body art.

You can get inked for so many different reasons. For example, if you have a nautical theme, you can get inked with anchors or even boats. Some people get inked with stars to signify their astrological sign. Others get inked with tribal designs to represent their heritage. No matter the reason, you can have an amazing, original, and unique underboob tattoo.

Underboob is one of the hottest tattoo designs currently. With new designs coming out all the time, you can choose a design that fits with your personality or with your interests. It doesn't matter why you got it - whether it's to symbolize your sexuality, your childhood, your heritage, or to simply rock it down at the office. Underboob is an extremely versatile piece of body art that is sure to meet any need.

The underboob tattoo is an incredibly fun tattoo to get. It is different from the norm because it offers a lot more than just a single small design. The cool thing about this design is that it can serve as a part of your overall tattoo design or it can stand alone. Either way, you will have an awesome looking design that you can share with the world. Whether it's just to look at in the mirror or you use it as part of your everyday wardrobe, you'll have a unique tattoo that represents you and your whole universe.


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