Use of Titanium 6al-4v ELI In Different Industries

Titanium and its alloys have been used by many industries due to the benefits it provides. Titanium is a very light metal which is very strong and durable. The toughness of titanium is stronger than other metals like steel and aluminum. Titanium is being used by aerospace industries and for the manufacture of sports cars because of its high tendency to tolerate heat, light weight and high durability.

Titanium Tube

Titanium 6al-4v ELI is an alloy which contains 6% aluminum, 4% Vanadium and rest titanium. It is highly resistant to corrosion, strong and is a tuff alloy. Titanium 6al-4v ELI is being used in different fields, like medical fields, aerospace industries and in making pressure vessels. Titanium is being used mostly in making airplanes and its engine components because of its resistance to corrosion, tolerance to heat and light weight. Titanium 6al-4v ELI alloy is one of the major components in an airplane.

Use of titanium has increased nowadays because of its flexible use and more strength than other metals like steel and aluminum. Comparing to steel, titanium is 30% stronger than steel and is a much lighter metal. Titanium has a high melting point and is able to retain its strength even at high temperature. This is one of the reasons that titanium is used in making engine components of airplanes. Titanium 6al-4v ELI is highly resistant to salt and water. With so much of possibilities of use of titanium, it is preferred by many industries. It is being used in making space ships, sports cars, naval ships, missiles and in many more fields.

Titanium Sheet

Aluminum is yet another metal that is widely used in industries for various purposes. There are countless applications of aluminum. Aluminum is also a very light yet strong metal just like titanium and is used in large scale nowadays.2219 aluminum is mostly used in aerospace industries because of its high melting point and high tolerance to heat. Aluminum alloy is very well known for its light weight and strength. Aluminum and titanium is taken shoulder to shoulder because of most of the same properties. It is highly resistant to corrosion and has high endurance.

You can find aluminum alloys in different forms, according to your need, such as rods, sheet, bar, wire, or any other shape in which you want. 2219 aluminum is an alloy of aluminum with nickel and copper and is known for its high resistance to corrosion, especially due to salty water. It is used in airplanes because of high tolerance to heat.

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