Laminate flooring primarily contains stone materials and expensive hardwood. They can be durable if proper care is taken for their maintenance. Regular and traditional floor cleaning procedures can also be applied to laminate flooring. However, various laminate floor cleaning products are available nowadays which would smoothly remove stain, dirt and other type of debris and make the laminate glossy and shiny.

Some of the useful laminate floor cleaning products is:


Dry Mops

If you dry mop the laminate floors it would keep away the dirt and help maintain the shine. Latest household cleaning products such as microfiber mops do not need water or any sort of chemical agent to clean the surface. These are porous cloths which would keep off the germs and absorb all the fine debris. It has been found that microfiber mops can remove ninety-nine percent of bacteria and dirt from floors. Apart from that being delicate and soft, they would not leave any scratch mark on the laminated floor thereby keeping it appear like new.


Vinegar is a commonly used and all natural floor cleaning thing. With vinegar you will not have to add any complimenting liquid and it will keep the floors almost as new. Vinegar will help freshen every nook and corner of your home and kill all the fungus. The ideal way to use vinegar is to spray the same at various difficult corners and then wipe dry the same with the help of microfiber mops.



Ammonia is a common type of ingredient among various household cleaning products and would definitely be useful to remove dirt and grime from laminated floor not hampering its luster. However, you will have to dilute the ammonia with water prior to utilizing this since it is a noxious chemical and might harm your skin. After washing with ammonia, you should once again mop the floor with microfiber and this would ensure about absorbing remaining noxious ammonia.


In case you cannot remove a specific type of stain which is very hard to wipe off from the laminate floor, then you can consider about using acetone. This item is also being used as nail polish removing and it is also useful for removing stain from the laminated floor. While using laminate floor cleaning products you should not utilize abrasive and pointed tools such as hard mops and wire brushes since they can damage the laminated floor.

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