Using Word Finder To Win Words With Friends

You have many letters when playing the game, but you are not sure about what word to form. In many cases, you’ll find that you are only forming two-letter words, which would not earn you many points. If you’re looking for help in such a scenario, what you need is the aid of a word finder to unscramble the letters into meaningful words that will earn you more points.

With a word finder, you won’t need to rack your head so much when finding the words that can earn you a win in the game. This is one of the most obvious benefits that the tool offers. In addition to using the tool, you also need to know how you can win. The game goes beyond just finding the words and placing them randomly. You also need to have a formidable strategy to help you come out victorious. This article will take you through some of the basic things that you should have in mind. They include the following:

Utilize Bonus Squares

You won’t win by randomly playing around with words. When learning to play the game, you also need to know how to in strategically through your word placement. The main thing to always have in mind is that there are various bonus squares, and placing your words on these squares will earn you more points and further increase your winning chance. You are curious to know more about using word finder to win words with friends, visit here. The big question is how do you identify or recognize these squares, and what are the things to lookout for?

Here are some of the bonus spaces that you should know:

1. TW, which represents a triple word, and placing a word on it will triple the entire points you get from the word.

2. DW means double word, and as the name suggests, it will help to double the point value of the entire word

3. TL represents a triple letter, and it triples the value of letters placed on it

4. DL represents a double letter, and it doubles the value of the letters placed on it.

If you’ve played Scrabble before, you will already be familiar with these bonus squares because they are the same for both games. Understanding these simple details will greatly influence your playing strategy and how you place every word. Another amazing thing that you should know is that placing these bonuses on other words helps to stretch the word across the squares, which can further earn you more points.

A perfect combination of these bonus spaces, together with a reliable word finder, is all you need to outperform anyone you play the game with. Basically, the word finder will help you with all the word combinations that you need, while knowing how to identify and use the bonus squares will earn you more points quickly. This is a simple hack that most people don’t actually understand, which is why we have highlighted the key things that you should know in this article. For a reliable word finder, you might want to consider using Project Lexicon.













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