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con una cerimonia semplice e un pasto abbondante al termine

Posted by ouewae on June 19, 2024 at 1:19pm 0 Comments

Niente di strano o complicato. Quindi un matrimonio in giardino sarebbe adatto a loro. Un incontro intimo tra parenti stretti e amici, con una cerimonia semplice e un pasto abbondante al termine. Questo segno è intrinsecamente materno, nutriente e femminile. Qualcuno che è attratto dai pezzi vintage o dagli stili classici. Questa sposa potrebbe anche far ristrutturare l'abito di sua madre o di sua nonna per adattarlo ai suoi gusti. Incorporando elementi preziosi del loro passato per abbinarli… Continue
Wedding cards are an integral part of a wedding. it is a special day of our life. so, we want to make every moment of it special. a wedding card is the first step towards it. it is usually written in third-person language.
With the help of modern technology, few are able to print directly on envelopes using a mail merge with word processing and spreadsheet software. Wedding invitation design are of various types.

Commercial wedding cards are printed in the following methods-:

lithography, engraving, letterpress printing etc. nowadays, many DIY brides print cards on their home by using a laser printer or inkjet printer.

You can even try writing in calligraphy. Earlier, wedding cards were hand-written unless the list of the guest was too long.
But when mass-production was needed, engraving was considered as the best option. Tissues were used to place over the printed text.
This is done to reduce smudging or blotting, especially on invitations that are not properly printed or quickly mailed without letting the ink to fully dry.

But with time this has become irrelevant because of the modern printing technology. This technique follows new fashion trends.
Invitations are prepared in such a way that it can match the demands of the couple’s personal preferences.

For instance, for a beach wedding the wedding can have fresh colours and beach-related graphics. A church wedding card can be a bit formal. With time wedding cards are coming out of the zone of formal nature, now they are more of reflection of the couple’s personality.
In 2019, the foil stamping and foil sleeking invitations have come back.

Types of wedding cards

Recycled- for the couples who believe in eco-friendly items or want to promote the idea of use recycling cards, can use these cards. These cards are made up of repurposed materials. They are available in various shapes and sizes.

Cotton fiber- this paper is made up from cotton, especially the cotton linters or used cloth. You can use this wedding card because of its strength and durability as well as it is soft to touch. The ink is absorbed in a much better way in this card so the colour appears richer.

Linen finish- this type of wedding card is high in quality, made up with cotton blend paper. It feels like a line fabric when touched. This card gives a graceful look.

Vellum- earlier it was made from animal skin, now it is made from the combination of cotton and wood pulp. This wedding card is almost like a tracing paper used in the elementary school.

Glassine- this will look better as envelopes, envelope liners rather than wedding invitation cards. They are see-through in nature and can hold ink better.

Pearlescent- this paper has a little sparkle. It has a bit of shimmery finish which adds elegance to the paper. You can use a photograph on your invitation to add a soft glow to the image.

Choose the type of wedding card as per your requirements.

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