Viking Concealed Record Stonehenge

The monks, cradled properly, while they thought, in the enjoy and peace of Lord, stopped what they certainly were performing and peered curiously at these strange craft. They saw brutal looking men disgorging from the ships, brute-men in mail byrnies and helms, with swords and axes. They didn't end, but scaled the cliffs with a dreadful function and built straight for the indegent, peace-loving monks.

Unarmed and quite untouched to martial methods, they ran in panic, in this way and that, seeking to save lots of the precious relics and pieces of the monastery. What opportunity had they? The Vikings were curved on an orgy of killing and looting.

Their swords pierced the monks' skin, while those terrible war-axes parted minds from bodies and in some instances sliced through from the throat to the waist, making half-men of those that had when been Lord fearing human beings.

Nothing was sacred to these savage men. They finished up altars, trampled on expensive relics, desecrated the tomb of St. Cuthbert, the founder of the monastery in 635. They put hard, uncaring hands on the wonderful Lindisfarne Gospels, published in equally Latin and Previous British, showing the experiences of Matthew, Tag, Luke and John. Viking shields

Several monks were killed, while others were devote stores and resulted in the boats as slaves. Yet the others were stripped naked and chased to the shore wherever many drowned, whilst enduring the primitive insults of these marauders. Some lived, but, returned to the monastery, and rebuilt it.

The Anglo Saxon Chronicle shows us that ahead of the assault on Lindisfarne, for the reason that same year, awful portents were seen. Immense sensations of lightening, fiery dragons traveling in the air and subsequent these came a good famine in the land.

"Here Beorhtric [AD 786-802] took Master Offa's daughter Eadburh. And in his times there came for the very first time 3 vessels; and then your reeve rode there and wanted to compel them to attend the king's city, when he didn't know what these were; and they killed him. These were the initial ships of the Danish men which wanted out the area of the British race." So wrote the Anglo Saxon Chronicle.

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