Web Design and Development Factors to Consider

Here you will get useful web design and development tips that all websites should adhere to. Create your site by applying these great tips and for sure your site visitors will only positive things to say about the site on their first visit.

Fast Loading Website designs

Making sure that the site loads quickly website design dublin is the number one tip that professional web designers should take into consideration. The web site design might look fabulous but only a few individuals are going to have a look if the site takes a whole day to load. The designs must be optimized and should only take less than fifteen seconds or less to load. Remember, your web design might be great but only a few users are going to see the site if takes a lot of time for it to load.

Clear Navigation

Once your site visitor finds the site it is up to you to give them a great tour experience of your site.

To make this possible you require a clear and easy navigation. Put all the important links at visible areas. Preferably right at the top- this is where most site users first look. Employ the use of menus at the top right and at the left. Try as much as possible to link as many web pages to the site. Make it easy for users to access your information from any part of your site. This is because it s hard to know what the visitors may be looking for. Also try to make use of the footer for the important links.

All Resolutions

Currently, there are TFT's with a variety of resolutions. Ranging from 1024 x 768 to 640 x 480 and they can even go higher. Your aim is to have a website for any of these resolutions. The easiest way to achieve this is to create the site using percentage instead of pixels.

Browser Compatibility

Design the website to be browser compatible. The site should look great in all of the popular browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox. Do not stop designing the site immediately when you discover that it appears good on Internet explorer. Normally Mozilla Firefox presents some difficulties, especially when one is trying to do complex HTML designs. This should not discourage you into giving up. Usually with a little bit of patience, these issues can be fixed easily.

Professional and Reader able looking fonts

Many at times the site visitors may click out of your site just for the simple reason that your font is in Comic Sans or the color is green or bright pink. Just by having a glimpse of the font visitors may conclude that your site is not professional. Avoid using Comic Sans or other fonts that appear fancy that are not on other computers.

These are just a few web design and development tips that you can use to create a great website, which will attract and appeal to many internet users who are looking for information or products available on your site.

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