What are the most demanded services within the digital marketing realm in Miami?

Traditional marketing is expensive and often unprofitable. This has been learned by agencies dedicated to marketing and companies that seek their services, which fortunately have already found a model that best suits budgets, objectives and audiences: digital marketing.

This type of marketing is linked to inbound, because its core is digital content: blog articles, eBooks, infographics, videos, success stories, messages on social networks, emails, etc. Companies that focus on inbound marketing have lower costs per lead than companies that opt for traditional marketing strategies, and companies that apply inbound marketing tactics can generate over 120% more leads than those that don't apply it.

Therefore, it is a good idea that you offer services that support these activities. And to spread the word about inbound marketing or the value of branded content, it is your agency's responsibility to not only implement this methodology, but also convince your clients to do so as well.
In this article, some of the most demanded services within the digital marketing realm in Miami will be shared.

Content Strategy

Many clients will want to jump right into producing content, so your task is to remind them how important it is to create a content marketing strategy beforehand. Developing a strategy will help to better understand where they are currently and what they need to do to achieve their goals.
One of the most relevant stages of this process is generating buyer personas. And even if your client already has created them, you have to evaluate if they are OK and find ways to strengthen them. This first step is vital, as buyer personas will later be used to guide the whole future content creation.

SEO optimization

Today's consumers are in control. They know how and where to look for the information they need. If your clients want their content to be found by those searching for solutions on the web, they need to know that content creation is only half of the work to be done. The content needs to be visible and must be optimized to have an impact on the business bottom line.
By offering a content optimization service, you will be able to help your clients achieve higher visibility and conversions. To do this, you must do keyword research, and include anchor texts to put SEO principles into practice, understand user behavior and provide ideas to improve your strategy.

Email marketing

Email marketing has become one of the most important actions for companies that want to win customers or retain existing ones. A good strategy creates timely and personalized messages, which respond to specific interests according to the stage in which your customers are, according to the buyer's journey.
To achieve this, support the efforts you build for companies with an email marketing tool that allows you to automate email sending, that gives you guidelines to create attractive designs, messages that arouse interest and increase the click rate, in order to get the conversions they need, with efficient calls to action.

Ads and content promotion

If your objective is to share relevant content at the right time to the right people, you need a content promotion strategy for that. It is important for agencies to focus on offering a service that helps clients expand their current reach. There are endless platforms to create relevant ads on the channels that audiences frequent the most: social networks (such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc.), websites (for banner ad strategies) and search engines (Google, Bing or Yahoo). Identifying which ones generate the highest ROI will save time and budget, plus you must find the most successful ad format.

Social networks

During 2022, there will be around 3 billion people using social networks thanks to smartphones and Internet connectivity. Because of this, they are essential for all brands, but they also require smart management. Although the range of platforms is very wide, this does not mean that a brand must be present on all of them, because audiences are divided. Conversely, they should choose the one that best suits their behavior, type of content, publication formats, among others. Consequently, you have to analyze which one is better for your clients according to their business sector, in order to properly interact with their consumers and potential customers, and for the content to be communicated efficiently.

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