With the progress of science and technology and the development of society, chemical products have invariably permeated our daily lives, in medicine, food, cosmetics, electronics, industry, and other areas, becoming an essential part of our lives. One such product is Adipic Acid which has developed particularly rapidly in recent years. Do you know about Adipic Acid?
The official answer:Adipic Acid, also known as fertilizer acid, is a carboxylic acid organic compound that is used as a chemical reagent and also used in plastics and organic synthesis. It is a white crystalline powder, slightly soluble in water and acidic when dissolved in water. As the basic building block of many chemical products, adipic acid is by far the most important aliphatic dicarboxylic acid in industrial Chemicalbook production. Globally, about 3 million tons of Adipic Acid is used annually as a monomer in the synthesis of nylon-66, in addition to adipic acid is also used in the synthesis of polyesters, polyurethane, lubricants, plasticizers, adiponitrile, and as a gelling aid for flavoring in food.
What is the application of Adipic Acid?
Adipic Acid is the most applicable dibasic acid among aliphatic dibasic acids. Adipic Acid has the general properties of aliphatic dibasic acids, including salt-forming reactions, esterification reactions, and amidation reactions. The main uses of Adipic Acid are as a raw material for three major products, namely: synthesis of nylon 66 salt, which in turn is used to manufacture polyamide resins and fibers (nylon 66), the largest end market for Adipic Acid; synthesis of polyester polyols, which are used in the production of polyester-based polyurethanes; and Adipic Acid diester plasticizer. It is also used in the production of advanced lubricants and food additives (acidulant for food and beverages), mainly as a raw material for nylon 66 and engineering plastics, but also for the production of various ester products, and as a raw material for polyurethane elastomers Adipic Acid has a soft and long-lasting acidic taste and is a good Ph regulator with little change in Ph value over a wide range of concentrations. It can be used in jelly powder and solid beverage powder, the maximum use amount is 0.15g/kg and 0.01g/kg respectively. Secondly, it is used in the production of various ester products, as plasticizers and advanced lubricants. In addition, Adipic Acid is also used as a raw material for polyurethane elastomers, acidifying agent for various foods and beverages, and its role is sometimes better than that of citric acid and tartaric acid. Adipic Acid is also used as a raw material for pharmaceuticals, yeast purification, insecticides, adhesives, synthetic leather, synthetic dyes, and fragrances. Used as a chemical reagent, also used in plastics and organic synthesis, used as a raw material for the synthesis of polymers, also used in the production of plasticizers and lubricants, organic synthesis, fluxes, resins, plastics.
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