What is an escort, the pros, cons of work and differences from prostitution

Escorting is popular with wealthy people, but this type of activity is often confused with prostitution. Consider the pros and cons of work, what are the responsibilities of escort women, why do influential people need such services?

What is escort services, how they differ from prostitution

Work in an escort service - escorting influential men and women to commercial events, a dinner party, a business meeting, in a movie or cafe. Young guys and girls who are looking for a high income, have natural beauty, and an excellent figure work in this area. There are also "pyshechki", but the latter are in little demand. They are in demand among clients who consider the 90-60-90 figure to be too thin.

The escort industry is often confused with prostitution, as malevolent agencies lure young girls in need of money into an ancient profession, but no self-respecting escort agency enforces intimacy! Being with a client at a corporate party, escort girls play the role of a friend, lover or wife. Most foreign and domestic partners are more willing to enter into deals with married and stable businessmen. Also, a man looks more respectable in the company of a young, luxurious lady.

In a movie or cafe, escort models are allowed to remain themselves and communicate on topics that do not affect the person.

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Duties of boys and girls

Since the duties of the models are not intimate, they entertain the partner more intellectually and morally, provide comfort, and raise self-esteem. They listen, but do not interfere with personal life, do not "leak" information to competitors, keep secrets even of a criminal nature.

Girls in escort services:
Attend client events, raising their reputation in the eyes of others. Participate in small talk. A girl is supposed to be cultured, educated, laconic, able to maintain a conversation (even on a political topic), avoiding litigation.
They work in cultural institutions. The venue is negotiated in advance. The task of the model is to get dressed, starting from the situation, for example: to put on a cocktail dress in a nightclub and devote the evening to communication, dancing with a partner.
Keeping company in quiet, cozy places for conversation. Often men and women talk about problems, and the escort model maintains the confidentiality of communication, providing a useful psychological impact.

Unacceptable: flirting with other people, giving a personal phone number and drinking a lot. With the client, the girl is obliged to maintain her sobriety and subordination, so as not to allow herself too much.

Also, escort services are obliged to follow fashion trends and follow them. This is useful for talking with the wives of the client's partners, because they influence the husbands and at times push them to conclude a deal. Knowledge of etiquette helps to place oneself as an important person, so every novice model takes courses.

Men invite girls to relax in warm countries. The client bears the costs, including meals, accommodation, flights. By agreeing, the escort model provides the client with: a positive mood, joint attendance at events, meetings, excursions.

To get a job, a girl must be:
Neat and beautiful around the clock. A model with unkempt nails, hair, body does not look expensive, does not correspond to the status of a partner. At the very least, the man will be unhappy and choose another one or stop contacting the agency.
Modest. A girl with a defiant behavior will embarrass the client in front of the environment.
Self-confident. It is important that the companion is not afraid of new faces and communicates freely. Throughout the corporate party, she must show intellectual abilities, skillfully maintain a conversation, walk with her head held high.
Experienced. New girls do not take part in trips or long-term orders, because they have not yet established themselves and have not learned how to get out of difficult situations.
Know foreign languages, take courses in business communication, keep up a conversation on any topic.
Literate and well-read. A correctly delivered speech is the "highlight" of the dialogue, thanks to which a good impression is formed about the model.

Only a purposeful girl can achieve heights. It takes years to train a professional escort model. Today, many women are known who begin with escorts and today are singers, ballerinas, and TV presenters. For example: Anastasia Rybka, Maria Malinovskaya, Victoria Bonya, Anastasia Volochkova. Behind their backs are countless intrigues, paid novels and brilliant success.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the profession

The principle of escort work is really no different from ordinary dating, which is the main advantage. Men behave delicately, and if the role of a life partner or girlfriend is needed, then the boundaries of what is acceptable are discussed in advance. Girls do not take part in negotiations with clients. This is done by managers who know the capabilities of the escort (how far she can go). When the client chooses a girl who is suitable in appearance, figure and education, a deal is concluded. Then the model is called to work.

Advantages of working as an escort:
Managers take into account the wishes of the employee. If she does not want to be alone with the client, then the profile will be shown only when a noisy party is planned.
Nonresidents are provided with housing from work, but soon the models move out to a donated or rented apartment (with European-quality renovation in the city center).
Given a number of responsibilities, the girl is improving, she knows how to find a common language with people. It becomes easier for her to start a family based on mutual understanding and run a business.
The model is well-groomed. This raises self-esteem, instills a desire to be on top.
Working in an escort agency is easily combined with a profession / study. Allows you to relax after a working day at the expense of a secured companion. Make new acquaintances with influential people.
The escort model plans weekends herself, but if the client urgently needs a meeting, the agency will bargain, achieving high earnings.
The escort woman independently determines how many hours she is ready to devote to work.
Vacation - no problem! Models start making good money right away, so the most responsible fly to Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus or Bali in six months.
Working as an escort through an agency is easier and safer than looking for a secured boyfriend on your own. In the latter case, you can run into a "rogue" in a suit or a pervert. Agencies are protected, equipped with a proven client base and blacklists.
The girl's private data is confidential.
Working as an escort opens doors for boys and girls to a brilliant future. They have customer support, expensive gifts (jewelry, apartments, cars) and the opportunity to successfully marry / marry a high-ranking person, an athlete, a singer, an actor.

In the process of dating, a man looks after a woman who reciprocates, keeps secrets and plays the right role. A kind of love for money with an agreed framework. On his part, there may be expensive gifts that will lift your spirits. If there is sympathy between the client and the escort, an intimate relationship is possible, but only by mutual agreement. In the future, you can earn more, get a wealthy sponsor or marry a "prince".

Usually girls are in no hurry to inform friends and family about where they got the money for a "beautiful" life. They often talk about an influential guy, eventually open their own beauty salon (supposedly a gift from a beloved) and thus “launder” the money they earn. Business is an additional way of earning money, but if a girl decides to leave escort services, she is provided with a comfortable old age.

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How much do they earn as an escort

Since working for girls in an escort is equivalent to a decent part-time job, the agency does not have a specific rate.

Salary depends on factors:
how many hours a week the escort woman devoted to work;
the more experienced the girl, the more serious clients trust her;
long trips, flights abroad are priced more expensive than spending leisure time in the cinema, this is available only to professionals;
the more sociable the model, the more clients and earnings.

The salary is paid on a daily basis, so the girls do not know financial problems. Models of one agency earn from UAH 10,000 to $ 50,000 per month, but this is not the limit.

How to choose the right agency

You can find work in the field of escort services on the Internet, but it is important not to run into scammers promoting prostitution under the guise of a traditional agency. Pay attention to the site first. There should be no ads, third-party links advertising intimacy.

What to look for when applying for a job and how to behave correctly:
Come to the interview without delay, with documents proving your identity and age.
Avoid vulgar jeans and short skirts. Give preference to a formal, elegant knee-length dress that shows your figure. Style your hair, tidy up your nails.
Speak competently, sit upright and behave with dignity so that the employer appreciates manners and intellectual abilities.
If you're happy with the job, choose a new name.

Only adult girls can go to escort services. When settling down, pay attention to the questions that the employer asks. If topics of an intimate nature emerge, such as "what types of sex are acceptable to you" or "are you ready for a threesome," leave immediately. The escort agency is not interested in such information.

Who is the job in the field of escort suitable for?

Working in an escort service suits every beautiful, curvy, stress-resistant, literate girl (ideally, a higher education is required, but now agencies have stopped focusing on this). You need to love yourself, have a healthy psyche and a desire to improve yourself. This will pave the way for high-paying clients and a comfortable life. However, don't forget about the risks. Contact only trusted agencies with a "big" name. They will provide safety, wealthy clientele and will not involve them in prostitution.

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