Are you of the child-bearing age but not able to conceive? The problem may be due to your infertility issues or stress life. Many times, a couple could not even open up about their infertility issues. It is better to talk about it than choking. There is a solution for infertile couples to conceive, and IVF.
IVF treatment is an Artificial Reproductive Technology that helps infertile couples have a baby. Below is the procedure.

Procedure of IVF
There are 4 steps involved in the procedure of IVF at the Best IVF centre in Delhi. Before IVF, the doctor first takes a counseling session where they speak up with the couple about the exact infertility problems. Then, they proceed with the following steps:

Step 1: Ovule Stimulation
It is the step of maturing follicles, and the size and shapes of the follicles are also measured. This process helps the ovaries to release mature eggs.

Step 2: Retrieval of Egg
In this process, the egg is collected to send to the laboratory for fusing with sperm to make an embryo. After collecting the egg, the next step is to get the sperm collected from the male partner.

Step 3: Collection of Sperm
The male partner is then asked to collect the sperm either by masturbation or Electroejaculation, which is the process of accelerating ejaculation in men.

Step 4: Transfering the formed embryo
After the doctor completes the collection of semen and eggs, the next step is to transfer the artificially formed embryo into a woman's womb. It is transferred with the help of a catheter, a thin tube inserted into the vagina to implant the embryo in the uterus.

The IVF centre offers reasonable IVF treatment costs in Delhi. A couple needs to check various factors before going with a particular fertility centre.

Schedule Your Appointment with the Best IVF Centre
Speak out about your infertility issue with your doctor and allows them to suggest you the best possible treatment. Before going for an IVF treatment, look for various factors essential for selecting a particular IVF centre.

If you are worried about the IVF treatment cost in Delhi, then you can also go for the option of medical insurance.

Hope this write-up gives you the needed information about IVF.

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