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Luxury Couple friendly hotels in Vikas Nagar Lucknow | Day use hotels in Vikas Nagar, Lucknow - Bag2Bag

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Best Couple friendly hotels in Vikas Nagar Lucknow. Fully Sanitized Rooms. Local ID allowed. Super Fast Check In. Quality day Time hotels, Night stay hotels. Worry-free booking. Book now and get up to 80% OFF. Get Coupon Codes.

Buzzwords, De-buzzed: 10 Other Ways to Say cheap jerseys from china 4xl t-shirts

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What is the best LED grow light for the money? 2021 Update

When you make the decision to invest in your indoor grow, you'll definitely want to learn about the best LED grow lights.
Full-spectrum LED grow lights are regarded as some of thebest indoor grow lights on the market, but there are so many out there that it can be tough to weed out the cheap, unreliable brands and models from the legitimate ones.
And with the price of some of these grow lights, it's crucial that you do your research before purchasing.Before you buy an LED, you should make sure its the right light for your grow.Before we get started with our list of the best LED grow lights, we need to cover some basic information on this technology.
ECO Farm LM301B UV&IR 220W Quantum Board

IP65 waterproof rating makes this grow light suitable for more planting environment, especially hydroponic cultivation, greenhouse cultivation, commercial cultivation projects, etc. You will be able to cut down thecosts of the horticultural lighting system.
1.High-efficiency white light boards with Samsung LM301B diodes, high efficacy 2.7 μmol/J.
2.White-light full spectrum for optimal canopy penetration and easy viewing.
3.No Fan, means ZERO Noise. Large solid aluminium heat sink, high quality protective covers for cables, waterproof LED, high safety performance and dimmable MEAN WELL Driver.
Viparspectra VP Series VP2000

【High Efficiency】With the newest SMD LED technology, ViparSpectra P2000 LED grow light provide high PAR output, high energy efficiency and long lifespan while improving light penetration.
【Sunlike Full Spectrum Light Indoor Growing】Consists of 660nm of red led, 3000K and 5000K of white led and IR led, optimal full spectrum led grow lights.
【Sosen Driver】200W Sosen Driver helps achieve high PAR output and longer lifespan. Boost yields and save electric costs.
【Dimmer Function】Flexible dimmer allows you to adjust light intensity from 5% to 100% brightness.
【Friendly Design】Large heat sinks ensure an ideal cooling system. No fans zero noise.
【Coverage Area】Perfect for 4’x3’ vegetative coverage at 24” and 4’x2’ flowering coverage at 20” height.
SideKing SK-2500 Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

About this item
【Full Spectrum Grow Light】Infinite close to natural sun light, full spectrum with hight efficiency 3000K, 5000K + 660nm + IR 740nm. Excellent spectrum optimizes the whole stages of indoor growing plant from seed to flowering. Great blue light makes plants grow faster, and the 660nm red light and IR light is more than other grow lights to enhance growth at the flowering stages and get higher yields, reach more than 2.5g/Watt.
【High PAR & Dimmer Function】SideKing led grow lights only consumes 250W, offering a high efficacy rating of PPF per Joule, reach up to 2.8μmol/J with 664Pcs Samsung Diodes, running 50% less power than other QB Lights or Blurple lamps or HPS lamps, and have 50% more harvest. An added 0-10V dimmer Knob manipulate the brightness level of the entire light, more flexible to obtain perfect growth performance from seeding to bloom. Veg footprint is 3x 4 ft, Flowering footprint is 2 x 3 ft.
【No fans & Excellent Heat Dissipation】No fans ZERO noise, passively cooled with a large area of thick aluminum with copper film heat sink, special copper film to enhance heat dissipation for reducing light lost to aisles and walls, allowing your plants receive more energy. High-quality LEDs protected by glue coating technology (Rating: IP65), essential for heat dissipation while ensuring long lifespan of the light.
Sonlipo SPE2000 LED Grow Light

【Smart Professional Planting -High Yield】After actual planting test, the SPE2000 professional plant grow light is specially designed with dimmable spectrum of VEG, BLOOM and V&B modes, which are suitable for each growth stage of plants, and Effectively promotes plant leaves, stem growth, and flower yield. (PLANTING GUIDANCE: VEG mode is suitable for seedling period. VEG & BLOOM mode is suitable for plant long stem and long leaf period. BLOOM mode is suitable for flowering and fruiting period.)
【Sunlike Full Spectrum Grow Light】It consists of 660nm red light, 740nm (IR), 390nm (UV), 3000K, 4000K, 5000K and 6000K white light spectrum, infinite close to natural sun light. Spectrum and light intensity control via VEG, BLOOM switch and dimmer knob. Suitable for all stages of indoor growth of all plants, accelerating flowering time and increasing yield! (Perfect for 3x3 ft, Max coverage 4x4 ft.)

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