What is the reason for delayed language development in babies?

Some mothers said that their baby's language development seems to be somewhat delayed. He can't speak even at the age of 2, and he can't even pronounce words accurately at the age of 3. What's going on? How to promote baby's language development?

First of all, language development begins after the baby is born and goes through the pre-language stage, language understanding stage, language expression stage and other processes. Therefore, 花生四烯酸the manifestation of delayed language development is not as simple as "not being able to speak". Secondly, the baby's brain is very important for language development, and delayed language development is likely to be due to insufficient brain development.

What does language development delay mean?

Language delay refers to a developing child's language understanding and expression ability that significantly lags behind the standards for the corresponding age. It is one of the common language disorders in children. Children with language development delays not only have problems with language communication and interpersonal communication,母乳低聚糖 but also face many difficulties in cognition, reading and writing, calculation, behavior, etc. Language development delay is affected by both congenital factors and acquired environment. It mainly includes the following major factors:

1. Inadequate self-development

The baby's health reasons lead to insufficient development of the baby, which in turn leads to delayed language development of the baby;

Severe malnutrition, brain damage, brain insufficiency, etc., affect the normal development of the baby's language center;

Hearing damage caused by recurrent ear infections or wet ears can cause delays in your baby's speech development.

2. Lack of environmental impact

Parents are very important for children's language training: 0-2 years old is the stage of children's language understanding, and 2-3 years old is the golden period of children's language development. Parents do not seize the critical period and provide timely language stimulation;

Less communication with parents and less frequency of playing with peers severely limits the baby's language development;

If the parents are too doting, the baby's various needs will be met without opening his mouth. In the long run, the baby will develop the habit of being reticent.

Finally, parents are reminded that once they find that their baby's language development is slower than that of children of the same age, they should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible. First of all, abnormal development of the nervous system must be ruled out. If there are problems with brain development, simple language development training will not have good results. Of course, if your intelligence and other aspects are normal, you can consider strengthening language training while paying attention to the intake of nutrients that promote the development of the nervous system, especially the intake of key nutrients required for brain development, such as DHA. If daily If food cannot meet your baby's needs, you can use DHA dietary nutritional supplements, such as DHA algae oil.

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