What should we do to make the pattern of the aluminum plate smooth?

In some public places or mechanical products, we can see aluminum sheets. They can play a decorative role and can also play a certain anti-slip effect, you must be very welcome. We also found that after the patterned aluminum plate is used for a long time, the pattern on the surface of the 4 x 8 aluminum sheet will become smooth, so that the effect will not be very good whether it is decoration or anti-skid. If it is at this time, then we need to replace it with a new one. the patterned aluminum plate.
You have to ask, if the mechanical pattern aluminum floor above is bald, then I need to remake the whole machine, what should I do with my work? If the pattern on the home decor is worn off, does that mean all the decor has to be removed to get the whole job done? That's too much trouble.
There is no need to be so troublesome. If the aluminum alloy pattern on the machine is smooth, then we can ask special maintenance personnel to ask them to find which layer of the new aluminum alloy 5052 pattern should be on the original layer, and that's it. If it is a smooth embellishment, we can also use this method to repair it.
In fact, diamond plate aluminum manufacturers remind you that if this pattern is not needed, then we can ignore it completely, because even aluminum plate, a new decoration, if we can reinvent it again, then there will be Effect.

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