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Why Gamma Allergy to Get Immunotherapy Treatment?

Posted by William James on May 20, 2022 at 7:28am 0 Comments


“Immunotherapy”, also called “allergy shots”, is a kind of treatment that is used to increase the ability to tolerate certain allergy symptoms in your body. The main purpose of immunotherapy is to build a person’s immunity to a variety of allergens such as grass pollen, dust mites, bee venom, mold, and pet-based…


Different Car Brake Fluids and Their Applications

Posted by TINKR LIMITED on May 20, 2022 at 7:28am 0 Comments

The stopping mechanism can't work without a Brake Fluid. There are different sorts of Brake Fluids that fit different sorts of conditions. It is crucial to utilize the right liquid for your auto relying upon the environment. These different Brake Fluids will shift on the different dry and wet edges of boiling over for…


In this hectic lifestyle, the refrigerator is much more than a basic necessity. If your refrigerator stops working even for a day, it will affect your whole daily routine. To reduce the formation of bacteria, you need to keep your food in a fridge. Some people even store food for a day ahead so that they can manage their more important work efficiently.

Vegetables and other daily products, if not kept in the refrigerator, will get destroyed as the bacteria will take over them. The cold temperature in the refrigerator helps to stop the formation of bacteria in the food products. But what if your fridge stops working or it won't turn on? Of course, it will destroy all your food and even cause a hindrance to your daily routine. There are some tips and tricks to fix such problems in your refrigerator that you can try before calling a repair specialist.

However, before knowing what to do if your fridge won't turn on, you should know the reasons that make your fridge turn off.

Causes Why Your Refrigerator Is Not Turning On

Without knowing the cause of the issue, you will not be able to fix your refrigerator. If you focus on only the causes, you will be able to repair your fridge in seconds. Check out the following causes that are not letting your fridge turn on.

Issues With Your Overload Relay

The starting capacitor may be the cause of the non-working of your refrigerator. If you listen to a spontaneous clicking sound, this might be an indication of the fault in your overload relay. Mostly these are caused due by overheating and the electric arcing. If you start to use the fridge without taking maximum precautionary steps or care, your fridge tends to stop working.
The overload relay serves as the source of power to pass to the fridge. If overheating or any other electric wiring defaults, your refrigerator will not start. It will only give you a beeping sound that will only irritate you.

Check Your Cold & Temperature Control System

If your refrigerator's compressor or circuit stops working, your fridge will not turn on. The compressor is the one responsible for providing power to your fridge, and when it stops working, your refrigerator will stop working. Check the cold control switches in your refrigerator to know temperature control system is the fault or not.

Find Out Whether the Control Board Is Working Well

Do you know which is the control station of your fridge? It is the control board faults that are responsible for the temperature and the working of your refrigerator. If anything goes unwell with this control of your fridge, then your fridge tends to stop working immediately.
Fixing the control board is not everyone's cup of tea. It needs some level of competence that only a technician with years of experience can solve. Make sure to hire an experienced technician as if anything goes bad with the control board, your fridge won't start working easily.

Tips To Follow When Your Fridge Stops Working

If your refrigerator has stopped working, and you are stressing out to find an electrician. However, if the problem has not been further extended, then you can yourself manage to fix your refrigerator. You can check the below-given tips and tricks that may work to make your refrigerator start working like new again.

Overload Relay

The overload tray and the start-up capacitor are usually built together and located close to the fridge's compressor behind the rear access panel. Use a multimeter to determine whether the problem lies in the voltage or current. If your power and voltage supply is working well, then you must fix the overheated start-up capacitor or overload relay to make your refrigerator work again.

Cold And Temperature Control Setup

The defective temperature switch will not let the fans turn on. And if the fan will not start, ultimately, your fridge will not even start. The defective switch will not send power to the fans and hence causing a barrier in starting your fridge. Examine the switch in the control panel if they are working properly. Remove the plug from the outlet after turning off the main plug. Now, see the temperature control from the covering to clearly see the terminal leads clearly. Make use of a multi-meter to check the colder setting. Turn the knob to the colder setting. If the switch does not close, then you need to change the temperature control of the fridge. Buy the right model of the temperature control panel for better working of your fridge.

Change The Electronic Board

The electronic board is a vital part of the machinery. Without it, your refrigerator might not work. When the rest of your fridge's components are in good operating order, the electronic board could be the problem. If you suspect the issue is with the electronic board, you should seek professional help for the best repair results.

Final Words

Any of the above-given faults can be the cause of the non-working of your fridge if any of the above-given fixes don't work. Then, you just need a skilled mechanic to start your fridge. Contact LEA Repair to fix all the issues related to your refrigerator without any hassle. Our expert technicians and their methods will make your refrigerator start working like new again. They will check all the faults in the compressor, cold control system, and other parts to make sure no further problems arise.

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