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Why a Hooded Pullover is Better Than a Hoodie

Controversial yet brave statement: hooded pullovers are better than hoodies. There it had to be said. Of course, not everyone will agree with this, but those who do agree wholeheartedly would be glad that it was finally put out there. But now that it is out there, we can’t just leave it as is. A statement as bold as this deserves, no it demands an explanation. How else could you say something like that and expect everyone to be okay with it, let alone agree with it? So here is a brief explanation with a few of the major points that make a hooded pullover the better option for warm and cozy clothing.

No Broken Zippers

With a hooded pullover, you do not have to deal with any zippers at all. This means no fumbling around in the cold trying to zip up your jacket, no zippers getting caught or tugged on by anything on accident, and most importantly, no broken zippers. Once your hoodie's zipper breaks, it feels like there is not much else you can do with it. Repairing it feels like too much trouble and wearing it as-is limits what you can do with it. Hooded pullovers avoid this issue altogether.

Pockets, Pockets, Pockets

Yes, this is a small detail but it still deserves to be mentioned. One of the best features of a hooded pullover is the single, large pocket that sits right at the front. When you are walking outside with the cold air in your face, there is something incredibly comforting about letting your hands warm each other up in your hoodie pocket. There’s just nothing like it.

The Cleaner Look

Without a zipper, you can have a cleaner, smoother look to your outfit. Sometimes with a hoodie, you can run into the issue of looking a bit messy when your zipper is not pulled all the way up. This is especially true when you are layering up. And if your hoodie is all the way unzipped, then you might look messy having your jacket move too much around you. Avoid awkward layering and accidental sloppiness entirely and slip on a hooded pullover. You would be doing yourself a favor.

So now it’s all out there. Just like we promised at the start, after leaving such a controversial claim we backed it up with some fair reasoning and not just one but three major points. As much as we committed here to this opinion, this is not to say that hoodies themselves are in any way bad. They are another great way to dress for the chill air in comfort. The hooded pullover vs. hoodie debate has just been raging on for so long, that this had to be said. We understand if you feel differently. With all of the ultra-comfortable hoodies and hooded pullovers around, no one can blame you for choosing one or the other. Just Sweatshirts has some great options for either one you prefer. Wear whichever one you enjoy and keep the cold at a distance. We just have had to put this out in the open once and for all.

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