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What are the Key Performance Indicators for Bulk SMS Marketing?

Posted by Office 24by7 on July 7, 2022 at 6:25am 0 Comments

Customer loyalty can be gained and cultivated through SMS marketing. The SMS marketing channel is cost-effective, delivers high open rates, and is fast and easy to use. The only thing we need to do is measure how effective they are, as with everything in marketing.

Conversions from SMS marketing are rarely analyzed by companies. The effectiveness of the marketing campaign is measured by the click-through…


Who is the Best Hacker in the World?

Posted by Bobytell1789 on July 7, 2022 at 6:25am 0 Comments

There are many different reasons why people want to be the best hackers in the world. Some are motivated by money, some are more curious about the latest technology, and others have both. Regardless of their motivation, all hackers want to do one thing - improve the world. And, some want fame. In fact, these hackers have played a pivotal role in the evolution of cyber security and the internet. Here are the top hackers in the world!

The number of hackers in 2013 was the fourth… Continue

If you have a sweet tooth, controlling your sugar cravings is easier. Sweet indulgence becomes almost a necessity after a meal. This is seen in nearly all Indian households. India is known for celebrations and festivities, and there is a 'mithai' for every occasion. Meals are no different. Finishing dinner or lunch with a sweet delight is almost a custom. But why is this the case?

The obvious answer is they are tasty. But digging deeper into this norm brings out several psychological reasons. It also is a practical way to end a heavy meal. It cleanses the palate after the consumption of overpowering flavours. Also, you feel at ease despite a heavy meal when you round it off with desserts. So, next time you feel guilty about having no self-control, fret not. Check out these other reasons that justify the sugar cravings:

Lifts your mood

Reaching out for a box of chocolates, ice cream, or a slice of cake is the first instinct on a bad day. It is a way to self-treat and livens the mood. The same motivation drives us to incorporate sweets at the end of a meal. Indulging in them in small quantities daily makes us feel content and satisfied.

Lowers blood pressure

Although slightly, sure sweet treats reduce blood pressure. They also minimise the risk of stroke. Active ingredients like dark chocolate and coffee prove effective for this. Tiramisu, dark chocolate cake, tarts, etc., help with this. Hence, having them after a meal eases you and keeps you light-hearted. Besides, moderate caffeine consumption is good to alert you even after a heavy meal.

Create memories

We build memories when we indulge in delicacies that lift us when we are low. They also trigger primal emotions that lead to happiness. It becomes hard to resist such a dopamine hike. Hence, giving in to the sweet cravings is a part of creating memories. You make it more special by tying it with memorable moments. Be it celebrations or spending quality time with family. As the latter happens during mealtime, sweets become a part of the meal.

Mental ramifications

Besides diet and exercise, your mental health also plays a role in your well-being. Keep it in check to reduce cortisol levels. This is not always easy as mental stress is a complex problem. But there are ways to distract your mind and let it focus on positive things. This is where stressing results in increased sugar cravings. However, it may lead to overindulgence. Hence, having it as a requirement reduces the need to binge eat.

Promotes good sleep

Sleeping habits influence all aspects of your health. Poor sleep pattern messes with your metabolism and handicaps your cerebrum. While stress and overthinking are the common reasons for sleep deprivation, unsatisfied hunger is also responsible. This gets settled by having desserts after dinner.

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