Why Is My Child's Nasal Discharge Green?

Winter is about to go. This frequently changing temperature, along with winds, leads to running nose issues. It is most common in kids. Because of the kids' weak immunity to colds, coughing is regular for their parents to face. The condition becomes the cause of tension when the kid's snot is green. Is this green discharge worrying?

Based on the insights from the general pediatrician in Delhi , this blog will help regarding green nasal snot. It will detail the causes of the snot and what the different colored nasal discharges indicate. In addition, the role of a child doctor in such conditions has also been discussed further in this blog. You should learn about your child's nasal discharge.


What is Nasal Discharge?

Nasal discharge, also known as snot and running nose, is a watery to thick type of mucus coming out from the nose. This discharge usually occurs when someone faces the problem of cold and sinus. 

The mucus can be different in color. For example, yellow, black, and pink. Brown, red and green. Each color indicates varied health issues.


What does Green Discharge Indicate?

Nasal mucus forms caused by infection. The thick green mucus indicates the functioning of the body's immune system. The immune system works to fight against diseases. Whenever the system works harder to protect the body against weather changes, dirt, impurities, particles and the formation of mucus starts. Green-colored nasal snot indicates more inflammation and dead cells in the nasal system. However, the color of nasal discharge is not a sign of sinus, but if it lasts more than ten days, consultation with a doctor is advised. 


Remedies for Green Nasal Discharge

Use of Cool Air Humidifier

Dry air causes irritation and more mucus in the nose. The placement of air-cooling humidifiers will help to avoid the condition. It will keep most in the air and let the infection repair.


Body hydration helps maintain the body temperature and flush out the toxins and inflammatory elements from the body. 


Clean and Warm Cloth for the Face

The continuous running nose leads to the skin infection around the nostrils and cheeks of the kid. Hence, a clean, wet towel with warm water is advised for a clean face and nostrils.


Head in an Upward Direction

Running nose makes one irritated and uncomfortable. In such cases, keeping the head upward while sleeping on the bed or recliner will help.

In addition, the doctor's prescribed medication also helps to treat the severe nasal discharge. A pediatrician can help with these issues. Parents can book a consultation with Dr. Promilla Butani to find the best child specialist in Delhi . She is the senior general and child pediatrician with over 51 years of experience. The doctor will guide the lifestyle changes, medications, and baby immunization . To know more, visit Dr. Promilla Butani's Pediatric Practice now!

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