What is Tik Tok?
TikTok is a smartphone app that allows consumers to create their own unique, short videos. The program has its own video editor, various filters, background music library. Tik-tok has earned itself an audience of 1 billion users in a rapidly short period of time. In some ratings, this creation has overtaken Instagram in popularity. In 2019, tiktok has become one of the most downloaded apps. A huge number of people are registered in it every day. The content generated by subscribers flies around the Internet with lightning speed, which is why a huge number of videos managed to go viral and make their authors famous. This product managed to accomplish the incredible - to powerfully break into the niche of social networks, entertainment resources and even overtake them. Why is TikTok so popular and how does it fascinate users? Let's try to figure it out.

✅ Who created tik tok and why?
Initially, the product appeared on the Chinese market and was created by local developers under a completely different name - Douyin. Very soon, having received a powerful response from the local audience, the creators decided to bring their creation to the international level, which is why they created the already well-known tik-tok. But the widespread popularity of the application did not fall from the sky. A colossal amount of money was invested in popularization. The company could spend about a million dollars a day on advertising. The developers hired the best PR specialists and managers who previously collaborated with Google, Facebook and Instagram in their headquarters. In addition to the powerful advertising campaign, great attention was paid to the application itself. Having impeccably studied the market and the main competitors, the creators have invested in it the strongest aspects of other entertainment services and eliminated the existing shortcomings.

✅ Why has tik tok become so popular in the world?
The secret that attracts everyone on TikTok has been solved, and why TikTok became popular is no longer a mystery. We understand perfectly well that you cannot do business with one successful advertising campaign. How did the developers bribe their client? Let's consider the distinctive features of the product that distinguish it from competitors:

The video format has become the main focus. The developers have studied the market of popular Internet entertainment well and came to the conclusion that it is short, humorous videos that are the basis for a successful business. Every Internet visitor finds himself in a huge stream of information why short posts, not burdened with complex content, have become priority.
A unique feature of tik-tok is the various challenges. Participants create flash mobs all the time, making this or that action popular, which must be repeated. Democratic trend algorithms are involved in tick-tock, which is why a participant can get into them even with a minimum number of subscribers. This gives a great deal of coverage and a sense of cohesion;
Lack of politics, intrusive advertising. It is a territory for creativity, entertainment and freedom;
The user-friendly interface allows you to record and edit records with just a few taps on the screen. Such simplicity and accessibility explains why tik tok is so popular, even among an older audience, because the most inexperienced participants can figure out how to shoot a video;
Emphasis on musical accompaniment. Short videos are much more interesting and watchable due to the interesting background music. The program has a large audio library with which users can easily take popular songs without fear of violating copyright. It is noteworthy that due to individual tik-tok videos, the performers whose music was used in them became more recognizable.
Some users ask themselves why TikTok is more popular than like, to which one can answer that the views that TikTokers have the opportunity to earn with minimal resources have become the new popular virtual "currency".

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