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Công ty vận tải hàng hóa Bắc Nam uy tín nhất Sài Gòn

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Công ty cổ phần vận chuyển Á Châu cung cấp nhiều dịch vụ vận tải nội địa bằng đường bộ chuẩn xác và an toàn, dịch vụ vận chuyển hàng lẻ Bắc Nam, dịch vụ vận tải hàng Bắc Nam giá rẻ an toàn…
Cũng các các loại xe tải đường bộ chuyên dụng, vận chuyển hàng hóa hai chiều, đơn vị giao nhận đáng tin cậy
Liên hệ nhanh tư vấn báo giá 19001733 (phím 1)

Why Software Category Led Contactless Biometrics Market?

A less invasive biometric authentication device will use much less time. Additionally, this will result in lower tensions and happier, less irritated employees.

Because it takes longer to establish a suitable connection with the biometric system when being intrusive, the time, it takes for successful authentication may rise. Due to unsuccessful attempts and improper contact, it can considerably increase friction and discomfort.

In addition to voice, face, and even vain pattern identification, additional biometric technologies are quickly taking over the market as fingerprint recognition becomes more widespread. One of the things that banks and card issuers look into a lot is using fingerprint identification instead of PIN numbers for contactless card payments.

The use of contactless biometrics technology allows for widespread facial recognition. By using biometric facial recognition, it is utilized to increase security. Additionally, contactless biometrics is employed to gather personal information about a person using recognition, face detection, and a cloud platform.

For personal biometric identification, including contactless modalities, contactless biometrics technologies are a highly precise and dependable system that is utilized for registration, timekeeping, and staff administration.

The global contactless biometrics market is predicted to be valued at $59,501.4 million in 2030. The primary drivers of this expansion include the increased use of contactless biometric technologies, growing security concerns, and government measures in favor of these technologies.

Largest Share Belongs to Contactless Biometric Software

In the past, the software category held the highest share—more than 40%—and it is anticipated to continue to dominate in the coming years as a result of the growing need for software to improve device interoperability with a variety of applications.

The desire for seamless border crossings, quick and secure access restrictions, and quick identification of people for improved convenience and security is also increasing, which is helping the sector in this area flourish.

Use of Iris Recognition Technology is Growing

The industry share for face recognition technology was the biggest. This is due to the technology's widespread adoption by end users, who benefit from its high degree of security, reliability, and affordability.

While the CAGR for iris recognition technology is predicted to be approximately 16% over the next few years. This may be so because the system operates by exposing the iris to infrared light, which reveals the intricate patterns inside, and so avoids many of the problems associated with facial identification.

Additionally, because of the huge increase in contactless payments, the need for contactless biometric card technology is predicted to expand significantly in the near future. The industry for contactless payments is expanding as a result of businesses creating cutting-edge facial recognition software and solutions.

Biggest User of Contactless Biometric Solutions Is the Government Sector

The government sector is biggest user of contactless biometric solutions; thus, it holds is major category in the industry. This is due to the fact that several national governments are using contactless biometric technologies to reduce and regulate criminal activity.

For instance, Hong Kong adopted "contactless e-channels" with face recognition technology and QR code scanning in 2021, which were put at Hong Kong International Airport for immigration reasons.

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