WoW just received the last update to its content

If you're than a little interested in WoTLK Gold PvP, Eternity's End introduces the world's first PvP arena, the Maldraxxus Coliseum, as well as a brand new Brawl. It's called Solo Shuffle, the Brawl will place solo queue players in teams of three with the members of each team changing during each round. Eternity's End also marks the start the beginning of Shadowlands Season 3. with new Arena and Mythic+ seasons, as well as all the rewards they bring.The WoW's Popular Mage Tower Is Becoming A Permanent Feature

World of Warcraft 's Mage Tower will be sticking around for the rest of its life, Blizzard recently confirmed.

A well-loved piece of content for solo players, the Mage Tower first debuted as part of the game's Legion expansion. When the expansion was finished and so did the Mage Tower and its exclusive rewards. Blizzard recently returned the tower to the game with new rewards in the Legion Timewalking event, a limited-time event scheduled to happen every couple of months.

In the near future, the Mage Tower will be permanent part of Azeroth.

"Having read feedback and seen how it's been played out We agree that a personal challenge being offered only for a short window of time every couple of months isn't in the spirit of these types of events," Blizzard writes. "As this is the case, from the 29th of March, the Mage Tower will be available anytime, and no being tied to the Legion Timewalking Bonus event."

The Mage Tower includes seven challenges to face, depending on the player's chosen class and specialization determining which of the challenges they'll have to deal with. The rewards for success are unique armor sets, achievements, and a special Werebear form for Guardian Druids. Although these aren't the first rewards that were added to games in Legion (those are not available anymore), they are inspired by them. When you complete all seven challenges, various characters will reward players with another accomplishment and an exclusive mount called the Soaring Spelltome.

WoW just received the last update to its content for the Shadowlands expansion, called Eternity's End. Patch 9.2 added a brand-new zone as well as the expansion's last raid as well as a surprisingly unpopular conclusion for the Shadowlands' new villain Jailer. Blizzard is scheduled to announce the game's next expansion on April 19. followed by buy WoTLK Gold the launch of a World of Warcraft mobile game is scheduled for release in May.

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