X Best Shows to Stimulate Your Child's Brain

The old attitudes of TV melting kids' brains are a thing of the past. While parents should always control their young one's screen time, there are plenty of fantastic Apple TV kids shows for them to enjoy! Marrying entertainment and education, these shows can teach your youngster important lessons and essential skills that further their development. If you are looking for Apple TV kids shows, visit this website.

Not sure what programs you should let your kid watch? We have you covered!


Teletubbies is a top-rated show with a knack for capturing young imaginations. It's a whimsical program full of quirky characters with distinct personalities. While not based in reality, the program receives praise for its ability to teach empathy and help youngsters connect with their emotions.

Turn the show on, and it won't be long until your child is laughing along!

Dora the Explorer

Here's a program that's perfect for keeping your child engaged. Dora is a cartoon adventurer. Along with her monkey sidekick, backpack, and talking map, she journeys through a magical land solving puzzles and getting over obstacles.

The unique thing about this show is that it's all about audience participation. The characters speak to children through the screen, encouraging them to respond, dance, and emote.

Sesame Street

Who doesn't love Sesame Street? There's a good chance you grew up with this show! It's full of iconic puppet characters who help your child learn everything from colors to counting!

There's a reason why this show is one of the longest-running in TV history. It's beloved by kids and parents alike!

Barney and Friends

Barney and Friends is one of the most popular Apple TV kids Shows, and it's not hard to see why! The lovable purple dinosaur and his mascot pals interact with real child actors. Together they play games, tell stories, and learn about the beauty of friendship.

Shows That Benefit Your Child

There are plenty of mindless shows on the air today. But these programs can stimulate your kid's minds and keep them entertained. They make learning fun and can become a memorable part of your kid's childhood.

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