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Global Functional Chewing Gum Market CAGR, Volume and Value 2020-2026

Posted by inosh on February 24, 2021 at 12:13pm 0 Comments

Functional chewing gum is the name given to types of chewing gum which impart some practical function instead of, or in addition to, the usual enjoyment provided by a traditional chewing gum as a confectionery product. Examples of this include nicotine gum which is used to aid smoking cessation & so-called Think Gum which designers say they believe may enhance mental functioning. It could be argued that most gum (at least the mint varieties) provides some function in that they can…


Global Smart Labels Market Competition, Opportunities and Challenges 2020-2026

Posted by wiseguy110 on February 24, 2021 at 12:13pm 0 Comments

A smart label is an item identification slip that contains more advanced technologies than conventional bar code data. The most common enhancements in smart labels are EAS Labels, RFID Labels, Sensing Labels, Electronic Shelf Labels, NFC Tags, etc.

This report contains market size and forecasts of Smart Labels in China, including the following market information:

China Smart Labels Market Revenue, 2015-2020, 2021-2026, ($ millions)

China Smart Labels Market Consumption,…


Global Crossbows Market Updates, News and Data 2020-2026

Posted by wiseguy report on February 24, 2021 at 12:13pm 0 Comments

This report studies the crossbows market. Crossbow is a medieval weapon consisting of a bow fixed transversely on a stock having a trigger mechanism to release the bowstring, and often incorporating or accompanied by a mechanism for bending the bow. Crossbows are primarily used for hunting and target shooting.



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