Fans can expect exciting twists and turns in the upcoming episodes. Rudra attempts to save his young girl Roohi from an engulfed room, but the fire spreads to her house. Rudra emerges from the room, and Roohi is transported to the hospital. Rudra is now in critical health. The gang comes to know that Rudra, a slum child, is missing.

Star Plus the upcoming episodes will be filled with suspense comedy, and thriller. Fans will also be able to witness Ruhi and Armaan's first romance. The episode also introduces new characters to the show. Here are some Yeh Hai Chahatein spoilers if you are looking for the plot of the upcoming episode.

Fans are now wondering if Mahima will kill Preesha after seeing the latest Yeh Hai Chahatein promo. The shocking news leaves Saransh and Rudraksh in tears. What will they do to deal with the news? These are the most likely outcomes. But before we know what will happen we'll look at the upcoming episodes.

YHC is an Star Plus Hindi drama. Written episodes are shown every Monday through Saturday at 10:30pm on the Star Plus Hindi Channel. The show premiered on the 19th of December 2019 and replaced Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. The show is also accessible on the Internet. Join our newsletter to receive the latest information regarding the show! There are more Yeh Hai Chahatein spoilers coming soon! Get ready for the drama to hit your TV screen.

As we've already seen in previous episodes, Rudra and Preesha are married and Preesha is raising her daughter Ruhi Khurana. Rudraksh is struggling with the loss of his wife's memory. Rudraksh has become cynical and alcoholic as a result. He is open to Preesha’s suggestions and is doing to assist her.

Rudra is shocked when he spots Preesha at the police station. After the incident, he visits Preesha in the jail. He is requesting Ruhi to swap wives with him for a night and Preesha is stunned. Rudra says to Preesha but he won't let Ruhi find out that he's actually his daughter. Ruhi is pressured to save Yuvraj and falls for Yuvraj's manipulative game.

In the final episode, Preesha and Rudra are reconnecting and begin to plan for the suhaagraat. Rudra, who had been in prison for a long time was shocked to discover that his daughter is pregnant. They attempt to conceal the news from each other and Rudra decides to visit the hospital to help her. After the birth, Rudra and Preesha fight for the baby.

The couple is finally married. However, Rudra and Preesha are detained and Dev is taken into custody by their son, Saaransh Yeh Hai Chahatein twist. Then, Rudra teaches music at Khurana school. Preesha shows Rudra tapes of her childhood, which makes him jealous at the wedding. Rudra attempts to shield Ruhi his daughter at the wedding however, it turns violent.

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