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|YouTube Free| Movie Online Mad Max: Fury Road

writer: George Miller


directed by: George Miller

user rating: 8,3 / 10

Liked It: 832886 votes


Mad Max: Fury Road 2015



Movie Online Mad Max: Fury road runners

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I love this movie. It is way better then the first three. I love the non-stop action and explosions. It just left me speechless. I don't even think it's right how amazing it is. I loved Tom hardy and Charlize therons performances in this movie. I loved furiosa and the guy with the guitar and the warboys. Immortan Joe was an awesome villain. Tom hardy played a way better Mad Max then Mel Gibson. I really think Tom hardy should get a Mad Max trilogy. Nux was an awesome character. George miller is a genius. Normally action sequels that come out a long time after the original don't do to well but this was released thirty years after Mad Max 3 and it was perfect. This would be my second favourite movie.

This was better than I was expecting, even with all the rave reviews I just didn't think I would like it as I'm such a huge fan of the originals. I figured it would get Hollywood-ized with Charlize Theron looking like a post apocalyptic starlet, all pretty and clean and then CGI'd so that it lost that cool unique atmosphere of the original. Neither of these things were true.
Set in a sun parched post apocalyptic future, we again follow loner Max (this time he is Tom Hardy) as he gets caught up in the plight of a group of warrior women as they flee from an evil ruler/dictator across a desert wasteland.
Most of this movie is one big car chase, which actually isn't a bad thing, full of high octane stunts its pretty awesome and also keeps the atmosphere and tone of the originals perfectly with lots of weird, crazy characters. Its desolate, futile and Hardy is mostly silent. Theron does a good job, doesn't look pretty.
Even though I was surprised that I enjoyed this and that ultimately it is a good movie I'm still not sure it warranted all the accolades it received.

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