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Kabela's penalty kick saved by Araola

In the 2017/18 season, the first round of the 32nd round of the Ligue 1 competition began. Paris Saint Germain challenged Saint-Etienne. Kabella scored the first record, Kim Pomby was punished after eating two yellow cards, Debusch made up the time Oolong helped Paris to equalize, Paris 1-1 draw opponents.

Last season, Saint-Etienne defeated Paris 0-5 at home. In the first leg of the season, the first leg of the season had a 3-0 win over Saint-Etienne. Cavani scored two goals. Paris…


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The Redskins chose to lay off Griffin

On Wednesday morning, US local time, the Baltimore Ravens officially announced that the team had signed a one-year contract with former Redskins and Browns quarterback Robert Griffin III. Griffin's addition will also give the Ravens quarterback Joe Flacko an experienced backup player.

Last week, Griffin and several free agents in the free agent market participated in the trial of the Ravens. His training performance left a deep impression on Baltimore's management. Shortly after…


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How much experience do you provide for a baby

The new DLC distortion in Ark: Evolution has been released for some time, and the experienced gamers are always obsessed with the death of the new dinosaur. How is death tamed? The next step is to bring death to the taming method, and the interested players will have a look.

The wild death (according to official translation, the official death helmet skin given) can not be tamed, in order to obtain a tamed death, someone must be infected by the Queen of Death's tail…


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Nacho had never been injured

Real Madrid’s official announcement said that Naqian, who was in the backcourt, was diagnosed with an injury to his right thigh and a half diaphragm and that the time of absence was not yet determined. According to Western media speculation, he will probably miss the two rounds of Juventus FIFA Coins.

In the match between Real Madrid and Las Palmas, Nacho was replaced by injury in the first half, and he sat silent on the bench and…


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The new Ignite engine is used

FIFA13 was listed in North America on September 25, 2012. Messi served as the spokesperson for this work. The game adds new passes, goal celebrations, and new goalkeeper saves. At the same time, the Saudi professional football league was added to the original 30 leagues of FIFA 12. There are 46 national teams in FIFA 13. The Czech Republic and Paraguay returned to the game. India, Bolivia and Venezuela also returned to the main series after an 11-year gap since FIFA Football 2002. And…


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Shaquille O'Neal made a big jump

The NBA has a long and glorious history. Countless players have performed their own legendary performances. These performances deserve respect and need to be remembered. Let us look at what memorable moments have occurred in history today.

18 years ago today, the NBA announced the "Legend of the Tour" schedule, an all-star team consisting of retired NBA players will compete with the Chinese men's basketball national team preparing for the Sydney Olympics…


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Boykin said in a statement after he was dismissed

The Seattle Seahawks cut down substitute quarterback Trevone Boykin on Tuesday.

Before Boykin was punished, there were reports that he was accused of domestic violence. According to the Texas Police, Boykin was seriously investigated and the victim was seriously injured.

According to Dallas media reports, the victim was Boykin's ex-girlfriend. In an interview, she accused Boykin of arguing with her last week because of a text message and breaking her chin. In addition, Boykin…


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The availability of the PlayStation Plus membership program

On July 11, 2015, Psyonix announced that it had about 120,000 players on both Windows and PlayStation 4. By the end of July, the game had been downloaded more than 5 million times, [141] and had 179,000 concurrent players. Psyonix points out that the rockets' "agile rhythm" is far more successful than they expected.

Psyonix announced that the game had sold more than a million copies on Steam in August 2015. By the end of 2015, the game had been downloaded more than 8 million times and…


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Extremely threaten the Tyrannosaurus

Recently, the "Ark: Survival Evolution Online" version has been updated, and the new map "Fairyland Legends" has officially met with everyone. In the new map, there are a number of distinctive and powerful new species such as Griffins, Frost Dragons, Plumed Tyrannosaurus, Harp, etc., making survivors who like domestication exclaim. Let us take a closer look at these amazing new creatures today.

Gryphon Lions New Overlord Gryphon

A strong gryphon is undoubtedly a visual miracle…


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Ronaldo has a strong goal to goal ability

Cristiano Ronaldo's most recent period of time can be described as hot and has scored eight consecutive matches in the club and the national team, but in this game with the Netherlands, Real Madrid trumps a rather embarrassing night. .

Portuguese coach Santos had a rotation for the lineup, but Ronaldo was still in the starting lineup. Holland was an opponent Ronaldo liked very much. He had two clashes against the Netherlands in the past. Ronaldo arranged Portugal's three goals, plus…


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Willier was a three round show

On the US time Friday, the Mustang announced the completion of the contract with offensive tackle Jared Veldheer. The Cardinals that traded from Willier will receive the six-round pick of the Mustang.

Willier was 30 years old this year. Most of the 101 games he started as a left tackle. Last season he also served as a right tackle and a right guard. He also served as a center during the 2010 rookie season NFL…


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Gore can still contribute outstanding performance

Frank Gore will play for his hometown team next season.

According to informed sources, the veteran running back signed with Miami dolphins for a year.

34-year-old Gore was born in Miami and spent his college career at the University of Miami.

Since being selected by 49 people in San Francisco in 2005, Gore has been one of the most stable back runners in the league. In 13 seasons, he has had more than a thousand yards in 9 seasons and he has scored at least 960… Continue

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The Seahawks do intend to retain Richardson

According to NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport, Seattle Seahawks may not use the team's privilege label for defensive interceptor Sheldon Richardson.

However, the Seahawks do intend to retain Richardson with the long-term contract, but they hope that the situation will not progress to the point where they need to use the label, and the value of the label is expected to reach US$14 million.

Richardson was traded by the Jets to the Seahawks…


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The Cardinals cut the security guard

Former Arizona Cardinals star guard Wealthy Matthew will sign a $7 million contract with the Houston Texans. As a result, the Arizona Cardinals lose another general and the Houston Texans receive it. The former best first team will be able to supplement their defenses in the future. It can be said that in the new season, the southern United States where the Texas people are located will become unique because of the joining of such a player.

According to reliable sources, after Tyran…


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Norwell was one of the most watched players

According to the NFL Network reporter Ian LaPorte, the Carolina Panthers will use the team privilege label for the player Graham Gano instead of the guard Andrew Norwell. (Andrew Norwell). Gano has spent six seasons with the Panthers and the current four-year contract is coming to an end.

In 2017, the value of the kicker's label was around 4.8 million U.S. dollars, which has been rising since 2012. Gano’s previous contract was a yearly salary of 3.1 million U.S. dollars.



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The Boston area is the largest area of Irish ancestry

On the morning of March 18, NHL was greeted by a strong dialogue, with the Tampa bay lightning team in the home game 0-3 being closed by the brown bear. The bruins were scored by David Pasternak, David bex and riley Nash. Brown bear goalkeeper tuka lasker made 23 saves and missed one goal.

The lightening team scored 9-1 in the last 10 games, and the first 100 points began to be a bit lax, as the team was beaten 7-4 by the third-worst senators in the eastern conference. Defense is…


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Crevince left Washington for a concussion

Su 'a Cravens, who recently announced his return, may be heading to a new place.

According to the NFL Network's Ian Rapoport, the Denver mustang is currently trying to trade with the red leather to get crevins. Although not yet finalised, mustang is the team that has shown the greatest interest.

Crevince left Washington for a concussion early last season and was reported to have completed his retirement in December. Red leather puts it in the injury reserve list…


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You can display your talents in the story mode

EA has revealed the latest details of NBA Live 18's E3 show, and the game's cover character may be the thunder star westbrook.

In this generation of games, the joystick plays an important role, the news also revealed that the game Demo will be released in August. All the progress in the Demo will be kept until the game is officially released NBA Live Coins. After the game is officially released, you can display your talents in…


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Flamenco's recent record is bad

Baja League this season, a total of 20 teams to participate in the double cycle scoring system of the game situation, and finally ranked according to the number of points ranking, the top three will directly participate in the next season's South American Libertadores Cup group stage, 4-6 get The South American Libertadores Cup qualifying, 7-10 to participate in the South American Club Cup, and the last four teams will fall into the next season's League B…


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A less visible side of the rocket league

The Rocket League's purity is misleading: under the surface of its early prototype, the underlying tangle of code goes far beyond the rebound of the ball. Agile is a rocket alliance's bumper, but the ball must be relaxed, making it an actual target, and relative to the unfortunate consequences of a vehicle's focus. It was a period of time before the ball returned from orbit when it hit a huge soccer ball. Psyonix must integrate its own counteracting force, making the action of the mutated…


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