Kabela's penalty kick saved by Araola

In the 2017/18 season, the first round of the 32nd round of the Ligue 1 competition began. Paris Saint Germain challenged Saint-Etienne. Kabella scored the first record, Kim Pomby was punished after eating two yellow cards, Debusch made up the time Oolong helped Paris to equalize, Paris 1-1 draw opponents.

Last season, Saint-Etienne defeated Paris 0-5 at home. In the first leg of the season, the first leg of the season had a 3-0 win over Saint-Etienne. Cavani scored two goals. Paris suffered from injuries and Neymar, Alves, Verati, and Draxler did not enter the list because of injuries. Motta suffered a ban. Cavarni was on the bench, Mbappe made his first match, and he was Pastorei and Di Maria.

In the 2nd minute, Mbappe held the ball on the left, his left foot dunked two defenders and broke into the restricted area pass. The ball was cleared by Subotic. In the 13th minute, St. Etienne made a free kick on the right-hand side of the court. After the ball was cleared, Harmumar followed up with a long shot to fly the ball. In the 16th minute, St. Etienne scored the first goal. Debusi made a 45-degree cross from the right of the penalty area. The ball created confusion in the restricted area of ​​Paris. Kabela shot in front of the goal. This is St. Etienne’s recent four times. The first goal of the league's main scene against Paris, Paris 0-1 behind St. Etienne!

In the 21st minute, Samnais reversed the triangle on the right baseline and Ha Mumma's left foot shot was shot by Araola. In the 31st minute, Kim Pompe knocked down Hammuma in the penalty zone. The referee whistled for a penalty and Kim Pompe received a yellow card. Kabela took the penalty and the right side of the goal was saved by Araola. Paris escaped. In the 40th minute, Paris suffered a heavy blow. When Kim Pompei rushed, his left foot stepped on the opponent's calf, and the second yellow card in the field was punished. Paris was forced to play against 10 people. At the end of the first half of the game, Paris entered the halftime score with a score of 0-1. In the first half, Paris shot 1-10 behind. The only goal was to hit the goal and they also got 5 yellow cards FIFA Coins.

Kabela's penalty kick saved by Araola, Kabela penalty kick saved by Araola
In the second half of the game, the two sides fought side by side, Tiago Silva came off the bench and replaced Las Diarra. In the 52nd minute, Mbappe returned the ball in the penalty area. Di Maria had a long shot and the ball was over the crossbar. In the 61st minute, St. Etienne almost increased the score and headed for a corner from Subotic. The goal was shot and shot by Bamba in front of the goal. In the 67th minute, Paris kicked a free kick into the penalty zone, and Kursawa headed in with a header. Once again, Paris made a substitution. Cavarni came off the bench and replaced Pastore.

Cavanagh misses the empty chance that Cawani missed the opportunity
In the 74th minute, Saint-Etienne again missed the opportunity. Kabira Zhisai, Tanneny in the penalty area after receiving a straight plug from the teammates shot from behind and shot the ball back to the floor on the crossbar. After 1 minute, Paris Saint-Germain missed the opportunity to equalize and counterattacked Losolsol to Di Maria. Di Maria faced the goalkeeper cross Cavani and Cavani faced the goal with an empty goal. .

In the 77th minute, Mbape scored a small angle after the ball was intercepted by the goalkeeper Lvfiye with his leg. In the 80th minute, Di Maria's right corner kick took a direct shot and Ruffier hit the ball. After 1 minute, Entpe missed a long shot. In the first minute of the stoppage time, Di Maria made a pass and Cavani was ejected by Lufiya. At the last moment, Murniy passed into the restricted area, Mbape headed for a goal, Debusi accidentally touched the ball into his own goal, Paris buzzer equalized! In Paris, the final away away thrills take away a point, the league 9-game winning streak end, the next round they will play against Monaco. Paris also has six league games to play, and they have a 17-point lead over Monaco.

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