6 Key Benefits of Transport Management Software

Transport Management Software

Logistics and transportation plays an important role in almost every industry. The segment is responsible for the smooth and cost-controlled movement of goods from one place to another. An efficient transport management system contributes to customer satisfaction; hence, it is imperative for organisations to pay an undivided attention to it. Since the customer expectations and industry trends are changing, organizations are inclining towards technological platforms to manage their transport operations efficiently. Besides, there are many other advantages of transport management software that are making them an integral part of the logistics and transportation segment of businesses. Here are six of them-

Efficient route optimization

Transport software helps in optimizing delivery routes, which means you don’t have to do it manually. Moreover, the routes generated by the software would also help in reducing the driving time, driving hours, and idling of engines caused due to traffic congestions and road restrictions. Well-optimized delivery routes also help in improving riders’ performance and achieving customer satisfaction (with timely deliveries).

Reduced transportation cost

Transportation software automates many transport-related tasks that require a huge manpower. By doing so, it not only reduces the dependency on human professionals but also saves time, efforts, and money. The software comes up with the intelligent order segregation and allocation feature, which helps in utilizing every vehicle’s capacity completely. With efficient vehicle capacity utilization, more orders can be delivered using less number of vehicles. This brings down vehicle maintenance cost and driving time.

Better operational visibility

The software brings in operational visibility by providing the vendors complete control over the transport activities under one roof. It offers a centralized dashboard to keep a tab on the ongoing, successful, and failed deliveries. Moreover, vendors can also generate various reports and look into valuable insights for better decision making for their business.

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking is one of the biggest benefits of TMS. The feature helps in having an eye on the status of the consignments or shipments. It is for both the vendors and customers. While the formar can do the tracking through the dashboard, the latter receives a track link on their phone numbers. Vendors can track their order and riders to fix any delivery-related issue as soon as it occurs.

Customer satisfaction

Transport software streamlines complete transport operations to ensure that each of them completes on the right time. Faster delivery is one of the key factors while trying to achieve customer satisfaction. Besides faster delivery, the software also provides accurate ETAs so the customers always have the information on the updated status of their order. These features, all together, help in delighting the customers.

Warehouse and inventory management

With such software, vendors can have precise information on the deliveries; they can maintain their inventories efficiently. Transport software also helps in decreasing time on the freight management. All the processes are done automatically by the software; hence, no manual intervention is needed for the warehouse and inventory management.

Where to get the best transport management software?

Since the demand for the transportation management software is soaring, there are many companies that are offering such solutions. All you have to do is to find the best transportation management software provider that can provide customized software at a competitive price. A company that fits in this criteria and offers transport software with top-notch features is Shipsy. Shipsy’s SaaS-based transport management system is best for both the startups and enterprises. Businesses from manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, FMCG, and other industries choose Shipsy’s TMS because of-

Quick integration

Simple interface


Features like real-time consignment tracking, driver app, intelligent order allocation, vehicle capacity utilization, visibility for the end-customers, and more.

Modular format

So what are you waiting for? Reach out Shipsy’s professionals and get a tailor-made solution to upgrade your transportation operations now!

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