Buying Cat Food From A Specialist Pet Food Supplier

With multiple variants available in cat food online and offline, it can seem like an exhausting task to choose the right diet for a feline. Before this process starts, the first thing you need to know is that you are the one responsible for each decision you make for your feline. After all, who loves and cares the best for it every day other than you?

There are a number of factors to consider before buying cat food from a specialist pet food supplier. Read on to know more.

Know A Feline’s Health Stats

Many feline parents do not realize that their felines are overweight. This is why it is important to determine the health stats of a feline to keep a track of its overall body condition. Here’s what one needs to know.

● A feline’s age
● A feline’s breed
● A feline’s weight
● A feline’s lifestyle

As compared to felines with an ideal body condition, overweight felines are often at greater risk of developing health issues like diabetes.

Know A Feline’s Nutritional Needs

A feline needs the following nutrients:

● Protein - from a trusted and natural meat (chicken), lean meat (fish) and poultry
● Taurine - an essential amino acid found in meat and lean meat
● Vitamins, minerals and fatty acids
● Water

However, a feline does not need:

● Carbohydrates
● Fillers - corn, soy, wheat or rice used in low-quality wet and dry cat foods
● Artificial flavours and colours - often added by commercial cat food manufacturers for aesthetic appeal
● Canned food left open for long lengths of time

Identify Signs Of Food Sensitivity

If a feline’s body is showing signs of a dull coat, upset digestive system, ear infections or persistent scratching marks, it can be a sign of food sensitivity. These symptoms can possibly indicate a harmful reaction to one or more ingredients in a feline’s diet. Once identified, take note of it to avoid serving it in the next meal or consider switching the present cat food. A change in diet can help overcome many health issues.

Consider The Quality And Safety Of The Food

This consideration is of utmost importance. The goal should be to select a branded cat food online or offline, that formulates its food with high quality and safe ingredients from a trusted supplier and manufacturer. All the ingredients should be such that they meet the unique nutritional requirements of a feline.

Take Note Of The Ingredients

Select cat foods that have their ingredients sourced from a natural, ethical and trusted source in their manufacturing facility. This will make sure the food is fresh and reduce environmental impact. Plant-based ingredients like herbs, fruits, vegetables and animal-based ingredients like fresh meats provide vital nutrients and antioxidants. Additionally, support a canine’s optimal health with foods that are either preservative-free or naturally preserved.

Look For Variety Of Foods

By nature, felines are fussy eaters. That is why there are different types of cat food (varying in textures and flavours) available in the market. Ensure these different recipes are served to a feline right from its young phase in life. This helps prevent a feline from becoming a fussy eater, later in adulthood.

Wet recipes high in protein are most loved and accepted by felines. If a feline has a limited water intake in her diet, these recipes serve as a great source of nourishment to meet their body’s requirements.

Look For A Supportive And Honest Pet Food Supplier

Before buying, look for a cat food brand that offers 24*7 support and assistance related to nutritional queries related to their product. Additionally, it’s important to choose a cat food brand that honestly mentions the nutritional information of its ingredients on its label.

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